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Quince Garcia and Julien  - Youth Achievement AwardHouse of Lords, July 13th 2011

Fourteen young adults gave inspirational speeches about their activities and vision before receiving Youth Achievement Awards, in an event kindly hosted by Lord King of West Bromwich and organised jointly by the Universal Peace Federation and the Women's Federation for World Peace. Baroness Verma, one of several Parliamentarians to attend the event and present awards, said, 'I am so glad that I was here to hear your speeches today, and I will look in 10 years to see who among you has become a leader.'’ A participant later added, 'I would like to express my gratitude for the award yesterday. I think I speak for many when I say it was a very inspirational event. As one of the recipients of the award, I left the event yesterday with the motivation to continue striving in my endeavours, contributing to my community.' Six schools from the Stepney Partnership also participated, presenting an award to one exemplary family from each school. Ben Yeo, Project Manager for the Stepney Partnership, wrote later, ‘Big congratulations to six Stepney Partnership families who won an important national award at the House of Lords last night. The families received their award for the huge impact that parents/carers have had on their children’s learning and the wider community. The Youth Achievement Awards were organised by the Universal Peace Federation and included inspiring stories from young people across the UK.'  (Full Report Link)

Baroness Verma House of Lords - July 13th, 2011

Baroness Sandip Verma, spoke to the audience saying, 'I would especially like to thank every single young person that came today. I met Tara Love a year ago and she stuck out to me because she asked me: ‘What can I do?’ and now she has gone out and done it. Yes you are the future and you are the present now. I think it’s really important that politicians pay attention and listen to what you have to say. It is about people believing in you, you only need that one person to say that I believe in what you are doing and ordinary people can make other people extraordinary and extraordinary people extremely extraordinary. We want to be able to share common purposes, to share that goal. Like the saying goes ‘It starts with a couple of drops and becomes a sea.’ I am so glad that I was here to hear your speeches today, and I will look in 10 years to see who has become a leader.'

Adam MatanAdam Matan is the head of the Anti -Tribalism Movement which aims to eradicate tribalism from amongst the Somali people. They plan to achieve this by educating about the problems with tribalism and by raising up young people to be role models and leaders of tomorrow.

We were very impressed with ATM’s hard work, vision, professionalism and peace building initiative across the world. Adam shared that the injustice and discrimination because of tribalism was preventing his community, as well as other communities suffering the same prejudice, from developing their potential due to revenge, jealousy and obstacles to fulfilling the people’s natural creativity. The Anti-Tribalism Movement aims to educate Somali people about Tribalism and eradicate it from the community in the UK, and in Somalia, promote unity among the Somali people and inspire, empower and energise the future leaders. Report Link

Patrick German spent a gap year with Youth Service International (YSI) and enjoyed it so much that he stayed for another year to have a longer experience of living in Africa.  He shared that his experience of living four months in Ghana had profoundly changed him and had given him the confidence to speak in front of the audience in the House of Lords.

Baroness Oona King

Baroness Oona King offered some advice. Remember if you don’t do it, nobody else will. If you come from a ‘disadvantaged’ background and feel discouraged, please remember; do not prejudge the prejudice of others. I was never encouraged to stand for election as an MP. I was told I was the wrong type of colour for the area, plus I am part Jewish that really did not suit the constituency. I just decided by myself and I won.

Quince Garcia, one of the awardees said, ‘I'm co-founder of Roadworks Media, a film production company based in South London. I'm delighted to be here and have been invited by The Universal Peace Federation. As director of Roadworks Media our projects have required us to work with green screen, 35mm film and digital recording cameras with a set and crew that has lead us to exhibit a lot of our work. Our clients have included Google, The Pollocks Toy Store, Wates Constructions and The Forgiveness Project.

Ben Yeo

House of Lords, 13th July 2011

Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP)


Universal Peace Federation (UPF)

In the second of the Youth Achievement Awards many inspiring stories were shared about how young people had become a role model to their peers, led a campaign, or improved the communities they live in. Members of Parliament, Lord Tarsem King, Baroness Oona King and Baroness Sandip Verma took the time from their busy schedules to present the Youth Achievement Awards in what was a unique opportunity to hear the great activities and reward these valuable accomplishments of our youth today.

Six families from the Stepney Partnership of schools in Tower Hamlets received the Youth Achievement Award for the impact their great work has had on their children’s learning and in the wider community. The Youth Achievement Awards was a good platform for the schools to encourage exemplary students and their families to continue their good work. (Stepney Schools event report here.) Ben Yeo, the coordinator of the Partnership of Schools, (photo above centre) introduced the families one by one.


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