Photo after Youth Session -> Youth Interfaith Council ( Study and learn from your traditions together and make statements on national topic that affect young people.). ->An Evening With... (Invites successful people that will inspire youth with motivation, way to overcome obstacles, what drove them & how they could get to where they are).

Dear Friends,

We hope that this letter finds you well and that this new-year has been filled with success in your activities and work.

As you may be well aware, Universal Peace Federation (UPF) in the UK launched a Youth Committee in September 2011 in order to focus on issues directly affecting young people. Since then, the youth team has accomplished a lot and has grown to be filled with enthusiasm and confidence in the work they are doing. On top of supporting UPF events such as the European Leadership Conferences, the youth team has also started projects of their own. Currently, theyare running two projects:

· The first project is a Youth Interfaith Council which aims to bring together young people of all faith backgrounds to foster peace and understanding. The council was initiated in November 2012 with much enthusiasm from a variety of religious people. It is crucial that this project gains momentum as the voice of young people in interfaith work is currently rarely heard. Our young people have a lot openness and passion in working with people of other faiths. This provides a strong basis upon which they can bridge gaps between faith communities and provide solidarity in representing a combined religious voice.

· The second project is called the ‘Doing Well and Doing Good’ project. It aims to connect young people to inspirational role models who have attained success in their careers and are currently working for the betterment of society. This project was initiated in March 2012 and has huge potential to continue uplifting young people by giving them insights into the personal motivations of such socially conscientious individuals. We run ‘Evening With’ style interviews which give young people the opportunity to interact personally with the role model and to become empowered to do good as a result. ‘Evenings With’ have included interviews with Sheridan Mungal (business mentor), Rioch Edwards Brown and Ian Brown (Founders of ‘So You Wanna Be In TV?’), Professor Akiko Yamanaka (Photo on Right – Deputy Foreign Minister of Japan 2005-6) and Keith Best (CEO Freedom from Torture). The next will be with former Attorney General the Rt. Hon. Baroness Scotland of Asthal QC on February 26th.

‘MicroSoft Spark-peace’ working with the organisation ‘Give for Youth’recently accepted Youth UPF’s projects to be have online funding platforms. In order to receive funding for the projects, we are looking for support from members of the public to make a contribution of any size to either or both of the projects. If you follow the links below, you will find more information on the projects which are currently aiming to raise funds for the development of the projects. It would be an incredible support to the team if you could donate any amount to eitherproject. Even a small amount such as £5 would be much appreciated, butplease remember that it is a one off donation you would be making. The deadline to receive funding is on the 4th March 2013, so time is running short!

Below are the links to both projects where you can find further information and donate:

On behalf of the Youth Committee, we would like to thank you for taking the time to read this email and would be extremely grateful for any support you can give.

Kindest regards,

Neil O’Neill
Youth Coordinator – UPF UK

Christa Kamga
Youth Coordinator – UPF UK

For any enquiries surrounding the projects, please contact us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



We submitted a "Spark Peace" micro project proposal to peace one day and here is part of the letter from Jeremy Gilley (Founder, Peace One Day) encouraging us to promote our project even further. Please join us in letting people know about it. 

Thank you so much for submitting your Spark Peace micro project proposal. I was very impressed by the project idea and by how you plan to spark peace in your community. I am therefore delighted to inform you that your project was chosen to be uploaded to the Give for Youth crowd funding platform. Congratulations!




The project is now live here and donors anywhere in the world can view and fund it. Peace One Day will be encouraging its supporters to share your projects with possible donors over the next three months in order to try and fulfill the funding target.

Please do the same using your own contacts and communications. PLEASE NOTE: there is no guarantee that your project will receive donations.  - We will hence need each and everyone to help support by even just informing your contacts what we are doing as Youth UPF. It can help us achieve more. 




The project will be live on the Give for Youth platform for a period of three months (until the end of February 2013). Please take this project at heart and send an email to people  you feel would be happy to support us ( like-minded inspired Youths) in creating a better world. 

We will need to write short report thanking our donors for their generosity and detailing how the money has been spent. This report is due in May 2013. We will send you further information about this closer to the time and, we are very happy to be working closely with the Peace One Day team.




If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Youth UPF Team

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