Sheridan Mangal - Founder of SFM FoundationSheridan Mangal was interviewed during a Youth UPF-WFWP evening about his youth and community work after achieving success in a financial market career. Sheridan Mangal who received racist taunts as a 16 year old on the stock market trading floor, spoke about how he found value in his work despite the racism and snobishness in the 1980's. (  He funds the SFM Foundation himself to mentor and advise young people how to develop their talent in business. He says a person should, 'Learn, Earn and Return' in their lives. He is now returning his wisdom to others. Sheridan Mangal and SFM Foundation. 'Our courses get young people to think for themselves. They get a lot of self esteem from that.

'Exiting a gang is very delicate - they have exit as well as entrance ceremonies.'  Talking about his experiences working with gang members and people with difficult behavioural issues. ‎'I like to work with the kids that are a mile behind the starting line'. If I see lights go on in a young person's eyes who had no hope but then finds hope of success through our workshops, it is a better feeling than receiving a £50,000 bonus. (  Sheridan Mangal interviewed by and Neil O'Neil

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