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European Leadership Conference

UNESCO BuildingOne of a European Leadership Conference Series

Under the Special Patronage of Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali, United Nations Secretary General (1992-1996) and entitled, A New Vision for Peace and Human Development”  the conference will explore how to support the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals by considering: Family and Good Governance, Africa at a Turning Point, Universal Values, Value-based Education for Global Citizenship and Human Development.

Altansuvd BrewinYesterday the Association for the Development of Mongolian Women in Europe (ADMWE) held an event on International Womens Day at the UPF-UK HQ. 

The event, mainly organised by the Chief Executive of ADMWE, Altansuvd Brewin (photo left), combined themes of classical Mongolian and European music with talks on diet and beauty in between speeches from influential ladies. The Co-Founder and President of ADMWE, Enke Enkhjargal Danzanbaljir, in the keynote address explained that the Association's prime humanitarian aim was to improve the prevention of cervical cancer in Mongolia for which an auction was held during the evening.

Several speakers encouraged women's entrepeneurship during the evening. Madi Sharma, the UK Representative on the European Economic and Social Committee, asserted that having more women in the Boardroom could prevent another recession because the innate female leadership style can be more long term and nurturing. This can complement the tendency of male leadership to focus on shorter term profits.

Elizabeth Crowther-Hunt LVO, the Chief Executive of Westminster Business Council, explained that women entrepeneurs are a largely untapped resource in the UK. She described how the Business Council seeks to empower women entrepeneurs through advice, networking opportunities and suggesting experienced business mentors to support new entrepeneurs.

Sheridan Mangal“We need to restore people’s interconnectedness through reviving our sense of being part of a community”, concluded a small but enthusiastic group of nearly 20 Ambassadors for Peace and UPF associates who  convened at the Peace Embassy, Thornton Heath, on 17 March to explore the topic of Wellbeing and Sustainability. Introducing the theme, Lance Gardiner, as MC for the proceedings, highlighted Prime Minister David Cameron’s directive in November 2010 to the Office of National Statistics to devise measures of wellbeing which would eventually feed back into informing and directing national policy.

Marina Cantacuzino My background is journalism and I’ve always known that its real people’s stories which move people, make them sit up and listen – far more than the expert, the politician, or the journalist.  It was the lead up to the war in Iraq, and against a background of noisy headlines of payback, revenge and retaliation, I decided to collect stories about Forgiveness and Reconciliation.  It was a personal project, something I felt compelled to do, and I did it in my spare time (in between other journalistic assignments for the Red Cross and Oxfam) with a photographer friend/colleague.  In the end we had 26 stories from around the world - of victims who have become friends with perpetrators, terrorists who have turned their mind to peace building. Thanks to funding from Anita Roddict who saw the raw material and described it as an ‘inspiration of the human spirit’, the stories then became an exhibition of words and portraits, which launched in January 2004 at the Oxo Gallery, London.  I called the exhibition The F Word because forgiveness for some is a dirty word – it seems to inspire and affront people equally.

Enke Enkhjargal Danzanbaljir President of ADMWE

Enke Enkhjargal Danzanbaljir: President and Co-Founder

Association for the Development of Mongolian Women in Europe

Co-Sponsor of event with Universal Peace Federation - UK

12th March 2012

House of Lords

Good evening Your Excellency Baroness Sandip Verma, Ladies and Gentlemen, Distinguished Guests, and Speakers, Friends!

I am honored to speak today at this esteemed place about Women, Mongolian women.

First of all, using this opportunity, I would like to greet A Happy Mongolian New Year-The Year of the Dragon on behalf of the Mongolian community in Europe, especially women in the UK and I wish you Strong health, Success and Prosperity!

Secondly, A Happy International Women's Day to all the women, who have gathered here this evening.

Sheikh RahmanSheikh Rahman began his speech with an invocation. He said that if he had done that in Pakistan he would be charged and would be in prison. "Thanks Robin Marsh and Margaret Ali for allowing make the presentation to this august gathering in the Houses of Parliament."

He said, "I have campaigned with my friends and colleagues within the community to seek redress against the draconian laws and the injustice that exists even within the constitution of Pakistan and that are in complete opposition not only to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which Pakistan is a signatory, but also in contradiction to the (Pakistan’s) constitution itself. It is a difficult subject. 


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