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Reunification of Korea awardA ceremony for awarding the National Reunification Prize to Moon Sun Myung was held at the Mansudae Assembly Hall today, KCNA reports. Present there were Thae Hyong Chol, secretary general of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly, officials concerned, members of the bereaved families of the deceased and persons concerned.

After a decree of the Presidium of the SPA of the DPRK was read out, the prize awarding to Moon Sun Myung who positively contributed to the patriotic cause for the peaceful reunification of the country and the prosperity common to the nation was conveyed to Moon Hyung Jin. The member of the bereaved family of the deceased and the person concerned of the funeral committee arrived in Pyongyang Friday via Kaesong.

KCNA Video of a prize presented to Father Moon's son the International Chairman of Universal Peace Federation for Father Moon's many efforts for reunification of the Korean peninsula.

Brigadier James Ellery CBE SpeakingLondon, House of Lords. Tomorrow (May 25th 2012) is Africa Day. Universal Peace Federation (UPF) decided to commemorate the UN day with an engaging discussion event on peace, security and development in Africa. Speakers included: Brigadier James Ellery CBE (photo left) who was the UN Head of Mission in DRC and South Sudan and UN Chief of Staff in Sierra Leone of 17,500 soldiers; Mr Aliu Bello who has 24 years of experience working with UNICEF in Nigeria, Sudan, Ghana and Afghanistan; Belinda Atim, formerly with TB Alert and a Global Health Youth Advocate, now an Independent Consultant on Global Health; Ashley Crosthwaite, the Chairman of International Relief Friendship Foundation - UK and Dr Yong Cheon Song, the Regional Director of UPF in Europe.    

Davao, Mindanao, Philippines - An International Leadership Conference took place in Davao, the principal city on the island of Mindanao. The theme for the March 29-30 conference was "The Role of Interfaith Harmony and Good Governance in Peace and Development." The 263 participants included 130 international guests from 28 nations. Local participants included three governors and eight mayors from Mindanao. Texts of speeches by:

UNSGEach year, Africa Day provides an opportunity to acknowledge the achievements of the peoples and governments of Africa and to reaffirm the support of the United Nations for their efforts to build a better future.

The United Nations commends Africa’s recent efforts to consolidate its peace and security architecture, and to reject unconstitutional changes of power. We will continue to work with Africa in building durable peace, ending armed conflicts, boosting democracy, and promoting respect for fundamental human rights, especially the rights of women and youth.

Africa is a dynamic continent undergoing fundamental transformation. Even during the world economic crisis, Africa’s economies continued to expand, and growth forecasts remain positive. However, the benefits are not reaching all Africans. Poverty, hunger, and disparities in health, education, and participation in society, are preventing hundreds of millions of Africans from fully realizing their potential. Greater effort is needed by all to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

Tirana, Albania In the context of the Balkan nations pursuing stability and improved relations with Europe, leaders from ten nations met in Tirana April 28 and 29 to discuss "The Role and Importance of the Albanian People for Lasting Peace and Security in the Balkans." Speakers at the UPF European Leadership Conference called upon Albanians to draw on the spiritual resources and cultural values that promote peace as the nation celebrates 100 years of independence from the Ottoman Empire and prepares for presidential elections in July.

Dr Yong Cheon SongYour Excellencies, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is wonderful to see you all gathered here today to commemorate Africa Day 2012. Let me warmly welcome you once again and thank you for taking time from your busy schedules to be here with us.

Europe and Africa together have a dynamic history marking the ebb and flow of empires. Currently the relationship of the last few hundred years is undergoing a change pointing towards greater economic convergence through which it is appropriate to consider, ‘A New Vision of Cooperation between Europe and Africa.’

Sabine Le BlancRestoring spirituality through the feminine approach of the world

Address by Mrs. Sabine LE BLANC

Philosophe, professeur de culture générale et auteur de Relations hommes-femmes mode d’emploi

The feminine does not amount only to the female sex. It is one of our psychic poles (together with the masculine), peculiar to men as well as to women. It has been associated for a long time with women only. The feminine has suffered from a certain contempt, the price of which the Western world has not finished paying. It starts becoming aware of that, right in the middle of the present global crisis:

A brief overview of the animus (masculine) and anima (feminine) according to the psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung.


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