Aiming to 'Reflect on 2021 - Plan for 2022' we gathered a range of our activities and branches to finish the year together. With Covid restrictions growing we reduced the in - person numbers by increasing our online involvement.  From 2 pm - 4 pm Saturday, December 11th, the speech videos are being uploaded according to the order of presentations.  

We are grateful for all those who gave their amazing support during this year. The annual coming together of the branches and the areas of UPF activity across the UK. It has been a strange and tragic year. Most of our activities have been online. We will begin by sharing with you the highlights of the 2021 events and the development of certain projects we are planning for the future. We will also bring UPF international news as well featuring the many developments during 2021.

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Leading up to this programme there have been small groups planning different events and activities for 2022. We would like to hear from these groups to highlight the activities in their area of expertise. We will present Ambassador for Peace awards during the afternoon. Please see the programme below and the 2022 Calendar.

UPF Peace Council Draft Programme:

Overview of Activities not included in the programme during 2021 and plans for 2022 by Robin Marsh. 

Dr David Hanna International UPF Activities in 2021 and planned for 2022.

Humphrey Hawksley - Relevance of Korea peninsula focus of UPF here in the UK

Dr David Earle - Birmingham UPF and YPAD Youth Service Project planning in Birmingham

Tim Miller - YPAD - Other Youth Service Projects planned in the UK.

Elham Fardad: CEO Migrant Leaders

Dr. Ghassan Abdullah - Director and founder of CARE – Center for Applied Research in Education, Arabic Character Education text-book project

Dr. Abdul Basit Syed: IAED - UK Chairman

Teuta Advyli: Parenting Skills and International Family Day (tbc)

Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls:

Marie Hanson MBE: Director and Founder of S.T.O.R.M. Family Centre

Demee Koch: Founder and CEO of De Moi

Dr. Angelika Wagner PhD: Neuroscientist, Researcher and Author

Young Achievers Engaging With Parliamentarians




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