The Role of Parliamentarians in Contributing to Peace on the Korean Peninsula

Convened by UPF's International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace

April 29th 2021

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  • Hon. Gadzhimurad Omarov - Deputy of the State Duma, Russian Federation

  • Hon. Piero Fassino - Member of the Chamber of Deputies; President, Foreign Affairs Committee, Italy

  • Hon. Keith Best - Former MP and Chair of UPF - UK Board of Trustees 
  • Baroness Sandip Verma - Member of the House of Lords Chair of UN Women UK, United Kingdom
  • Dr. Michael Balcomb - Chair of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification - Europe and the Middle East 

Moderated by Mrs. Maria Nazarova - President, Universal Peace Federation Russia

Introduction by Mr. Peter Haider - President, Universal Peace Federation, Austria



The International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) was launched in 2016 at the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, as a worldwide association of parliamentarians which provides a forum searching for solutions to our world’s problems. Representing the people, respecting the rule of law, upholding human rights and dignity, parliamentarians play a central role in building peaceful and prosperous societies.

Following World War II, the Korean people, who share a common history, culture, and language, were divided by the Cold War struggle between superpowers. 70 years later, considering its potential impact on global peace and development, the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula is a central focus of the IAPP, along with peace among all the nations of North East Asia. Can Europe contribute to peace on the Korean Peninsula? What role can be played by Russia, which connects Europe and North East Asia? Can parliamentary diplomacy help move forward the long-awaited peace process in this conflicting region?




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