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Universal Peace Federation UK Peace CouncilReflect on 2020 - Plan for 2021, 3 pm - 5 pm Saturday, December 5th

Universal Peace Federation - UK (UPF) Annual Peace Council  (Full Video Link)

Saturday December 5th   3 pm 

Invocation: Rev. Dr David Hanna (North Region FFWPU Chairman)


Keith Best Chair of the UPF - UK Board of Trustees

●       International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP)

○       Hon. Abdelmajid Fassi Fihri MP (Morocco)

Keith Best Chair of the UPF - UK Board of Trustees

●       Proposal for an All Party Parliamentary Group ‘Societal Cohesion’

○       Najma Begum Founder of EPIC

Carol Stone CBE, UPF - UK Patron


Margaret Ali: Director of UPF – UK

●       UPF - UK’s Support for International Women’s Day and the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls

○       Gill Barham: Life Coach  

○       Chris Green OBE Founder White Ribbon Campaign UK

○       Carole Stone CBE Founder Carole Stone Foundation CBE 


Ms. Dongsoon Chen 

●       Projects Created by Young Achievers 2020

○       Laura, Keldon & Dongsoon: Business Starter Accelerator Course

○       Sagal & Gabriel: Together

○       Sanjanna & Annet: ConnectUs

○       Amina & Sagal: Love To Learn + Food With Love UK

○       Keldon & Dominic: The Everyday Leader Programme


Tim Miller: UPF – UK Trustee 

Interreligious Association for Peace & Development (IAPD)

●       Projects of Interfaith Beyond Dialogue with Youth - Tim Miller's Explanation

○       Dr Peter Rookes: Council of Faiths Birmingham

○       Rubab Mehdi: Chair of International Imam Hussain Council based in UK and Pakistan 

○       Hon. Faisal Karim Kundi: Former Deputy Speaker of Lower House of Pakistan National Assembly


Dr David Earle: UPF Birmingham


Dr Michael Balcomb: Chair of FFWPU Europe & Middle East

●       Perspective of UPF


Q&A Section (Q: 30 SEC A: 1 MIN)


Mark Brann: UPF - UK Trustee and Vice President of UPF Europe and the Middle East

·        International Summit Council for Peace (ISCP)


Robin Marsh: Secretary General, UPF – UK

●       UPF and Africa including Africa Day Activities

○       Dr Yehoeshahfaht Ben Israel: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Principles of Peace Educator


Rita Payne:  Journalist and President Emeritus of the Commonwealth Journalists Association

●       International Media Association for Peace (IMAP)

●       Jan 25th IMAP Event ‘Ok We Have Done Brexit, What Now?’

●       Including Humphrey Hawksley, Lord Desai, James Willson. Rita Payne, Moderator. Peter Zoehrer, IMAP Coordinator Europe and Middle East.


Sheikh Dr. Hojjat Ramzy, UPF - UK Trustee

●       Margaret Ali: Sponsorship of Pakistan Girls Education School in Sukur, Sindh Province


Dr. Lance Gardiner, UPF South London Branch


Ms. Teuta Avdyli:  Women's Empowerment Successful Parenting International Bestseller Author. Multi- Award Winner, Peace Ambassador

Ms. Nicola Bailey: Marriage and Parenting Councillor and Mentor 

●       Family and Parenting Support & International Family Day May 2021


Terry Sweeney:  International Association for Economics and Development (IAED)

Dr. Abdul Basit: UPF – UK Trustee, Founder of World Humanitarian Drive

●       Introducing IAED


Ambassador for Peace Awards

●       Chris Green OBE, Founder White Ribbon Campaign UK

●       Rubab Mehdi, Chair of International Imam Hussain Council based in UK and Pakistan

●       Marie Hanson MBE, Founder & President of Domestic Violence Charity, STORM




*UPF Acronyms:

IAPP International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace

IAPD Interreligious Association for Peace and Development - Tim Miller

IAAP International Association of Academicians for Peace

IMAP International Media Association for Peace

IAED International Association for Economic Development - Terry Sweeney is the UK Representative.

ISCP International Summit Council for Peace - Mark Brann: UPF UK will be supporting this outreach but not directly involved in organising activities.  



January: 25th Jan 6 pm IMAP Event - ‘The UK is Out of the EU, What Now?’  Humphrey Hawksley, Lord Desai, James Willson, Rita Payne is the Moderator.

February: (3rd or 4th Feb) World Interfaith Harmony Week  - IAPD event (Timothy, Margaret, David Earle, Robin)

World Peace Summit - mid February (Chinese New Year 2021 - 12th February)

March: (9th March) UN Day - International Women’s Day - IAPP event

April: IAAP event - Faith and Reason

May:  15th May International Family Day (Nicola Bailey, Teuta Avdyli, Margaret and Robin.)

25th May Africa Day (We have been approached by the 6th Region of the African Union (AU) ie. the Diaspora that has been given a formal structure by the AU, to do something in partnership with the Africa Centre in London. We may also have a Character Education project in Nigeria underway by then.)  (Nnamdi Chukwu and others.)

June: World Environment Day  -  IAPP/IAAP

July: Young Achievers   IAPP event

August: 9th Anniversary of Father Moon's Ascension

September:  UPF – 16 Anniversary /UPF UK Charitable Status Anniversary

21st September - International Peace Day

October: IAED Event with Terry Sweeney and Abdul Bassit

November: Parliament Week IAPP  (1st week in November)

Interfaith Week  IAPD (2nd week in November) 

25th November - Elimination of Violence Against Women with IAPP

December: UPF Peace Council - 4th December

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