Universal Peace Federation - UK (UPF-UK) has been recognised as a Charity by the UK Charity Commission. Briefly summarised, the agreed Objects of the charity are: First, the promotion of national and international conflict resolution and reconciliation. The second set of objects are to promote racial and religious harmony and peaceful co-existence between people of different religions, cultures, races and nations. (For the detail read more below.)

Photo above is of the first Trustee meeting since achieving charitable status.

Keith Best, Chair of UPF-UK, said: "UPF-UK is part of the wider global movement which has done so much to bring reconciliation and understanding to many areas of conflict in the world and has been recognised as such. I am pleased that in the UK we can now add our activities to these initiatives by bringing together people from different traditions, positions and religions. By doing so we can examine and confront the causes behind domestic, national and international conflict and racial and religious disharmony and seek ways forward building strength and cohesion in our troubled society and world.  The results of our discussions and research will be available on our website as sources for others to use."


Universal Peace Federation International was inaugurated in September 2005 by the late Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. (Mrs) Hak Ja Han Moon with the goal to spread awareness of the human race as one family embraced by a loving God. It is now a global NGO with General Consultative Status in the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations making it one of only 140 NGOs worldwide with this status. UPF – UK has been a company limited by guarantee since 2008.


Universal Peace Federation - UK's Charity Number is 1185412. The objects of the Charity are:


Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation:


  • The promotion of national and international conflict resolution and reconciliation for the public benefit with a view to relieving suffering, poverty and distress and building and maintaining social cohesion and trust within and between communities by:


  • Identifying the cultural, religious and other causes of conflict in different parts of the world and producing reports on the findings;


  • Bringing together leaders and others of influence within communities in conflict in order to aid mutual understanding, foster dialogue and mutual respect and assist in finding common ground for agreement and cooperation;


  • Producing reports on the results of conflict resolution-related activities including impartial recommendations for action; and


  • The advancement of the education of the public for the better understanding of human rights, participation in government, good citizenship, models of good governance and neighbourliness in the interests of general public benefit.


  • Provided that all activities shall be balanced and shall maintain or enhance the organisation’s commitment to remaining impartial.


Promotion of racial and religious harmony:


3.7 The promotion of racial and religious harmony and peaceful co-existence between people of different religions, cultures, races and nations for the benefit of the public by:


3.8 Educating the public in the different backgrounds, religious and other beliefs, held by different religious, racial cultural and national groups to promote mutual respect and provide a basis for dialogue;


  • Running events and projects to bring together representatives of different faiths and separate groups within those faiths to facilitate inter-faith dialogue, including examining together the interpretations of their faiths and common themes.


  • Running projects that bring together individuals of different backgrounds and beliefs to work together for a common goal.


 Upcoming Events Link:


Universal Peace Federation UK's Trustees:


Keith Best QC: Chairman

Nicola Bailey

Mark Brann

Martina Coombs

Dr David Earle

David Fraser Harris

Sheikh Dr Hojjat Ramzy

Timothy Miller: Treasurer

Anja Toresen



Universal Peace Federation UK's Secretariat

Robin Marsh: Secretary General

Margaret Ali: Director

Joyce Suda: Director



Mr Virendra Sharma MP

Mrs Carole Stone CBE


Honorary Advisers:

Imam Dr Abduljalil Sajid OBE

Abdul Basit Syed Ibrahim


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