It was an insightful programme introducing the principles of Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation. Facilitated by Dr Yehoeshahfaht Ben Israel, an eclectic group attended the session. The vast majority showed interest in taking the longer training being offered. With both small discussion groups considering some core principles and exercises to practice the listening skills needed to mediate, it was a profound experience.

Two Reflections:

‘Having known nothing about Dr King’s work in this area, I can honestly say that by the end of the session I felt that I had grasped the seeds of something very valuable, and that some of my perceptions of peace and non-violence had been fundamentally questioned. Concepts such as negative peace, and a clearer and more directed understanding of the differences between words such as resolution and reconciliation have become an important new elements in my thinking. In particular, I felt that the interactive exercises with other participants was well handled, and was the best possible way to teach us.’

‘It was very much a taster, introduction to the work of Martin Luther King's nonviolence.  I felt I wanted to learn more but that I didn't completely grasp the teachings being offered. I was intrigued by it all.’   



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