Cleeve House UPF Retreat Universal #Peace Federation (UPF) UK held its Autumn Retreat in Cleeve House, Wiltshire this weekend. Presentations included 'Universal Values as a Foundation for World Peace', 'Peace in the Family and Society' and 'The Cause and Resolution of Conflict' by Tim Miller and other talks to understand the founding vision of the Universal Peace Federation. The next weekend is on March 11 to 13, 2016 (contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details).

'I wish I had been taught this years ago. I would not have done the mistakes I have made.' one participant commented. Others said they were inspired by the activities of UPF in support of many human rights issues. One said that the wide range of partners that the UK chapter of UPF work with was impressive. Tim Miller, Margaret Ali, Patricia Earle, Carlo and Barbara Zaccarelli and Robin Marsh made presentations during the weekend. The Interfaith Tim Miller Universal ValuesConsortium supporting an Integration through Learning and Service project was described, in the last session of the weekend, by Mr Baldev Singh Bains. On Sunday morning also the vision of the Founders of UPF, Father and Mother Moon, was explained. 

Other major themes included the Inter-religious Council that Father Moon proposed for a reformed United Nations in the founding speeches of the UPF. The Council would add religious wisdom to the political decision making process of the UN. The importance of marriage and family was a major theme. Patricia Earle shared about her experience promoting the rededication of marriage. Tim Miller shared a number of significant points about how to improve the health of relationships, marriage and family.

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YouTube Tim Miller: Universal Values as a Foundation for World Peace 1st part  

YouTube Tim Miller: Universal Values as a Foundation for World Peace 2nd Part

You Tube Tim Miller: Peace in the Family and Society 

YouTube Tim Miller: The Cause and Resolution of Conflict 

Slideshare Powerpoint - Universal Values as a Foundation for World Peace

Slideshare Powerpoint - The Cause and Resolution of Conflict