Breaking the Slave Chain'Breaking the Slave Chain' a Youth UPF and ABSoc event in SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) University of London last night. Humphrey Hawksley (BBC World Affairs Correspondent), Hannah Bruce (Ethical Trading Initiative), Colleen Theron (Stop the Traffik)  Blogpost from Haesul 

Attended an event yesterday on modern-day human trafficking. Loved it so much I decided to blog what I learnt. The speakers were: Humphrey Hawksley (International BBC Correspondent), Hannah Bruce (The Ethical Trade Initiative) and Ruth Dearnley (Stop The Traffik). Here are the four main points I took:

1. Chocolate is more Evil than you think.
As a chocoholic, I love chocolate so much to the point that I hate it because of how addictive it can be. Yet its evil does not stop there. Almost all of the cocoa beans that make the chocolates you buy, if not certified by Fairtrade, has been harvested in Western Africa by trafficked children - unpaid, uneducated and most likely orphans, none of whom had ever tasted chocolate itself.
Now, what of all the cotton in your clothes, the prawns that you eat and the bricks of your houses? Whatever you buy, right at the bottom is the exploitation of people. In India, the ILO reported there are 30-40 million people in the 'low-cast' system living not just in poverty but, as if in concentration camps. These people are made to work in the factories, farms etc., their blood, sweat and tears feeding into the country's economic system. They are controlled through fear and terror of running away, and when dealing with the uneducated, this feeling of fear and terror is far worse.
In reality however, this is commonplace in every corner of the world.  Haesul's Blogpost