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'In the Twenty First Century Congo has been dubbed the Rape Capital of the world. We should ask ourselves: Why? For How Long? If it is not Congo, it might be Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe or Rwanda. It might be any African country. It is always Africa. Why? Is it because we are not out there screaming and shouting? Because we are not out there defending? Is it because of the lack of human love?

In this room we have people of many different professions. We all have one thing in common: human love. When people talk about the Congo, I hear these arguments on my TV show, Sky Channel 182, some say 'Well these men need education.' But what kind of education do you need to stop raping your sister? It is very easy to say but what kind of education do you need?

The UN has done their count. Amnesty has done their count. All these large  organisations have done their count. It is searchable on google etc. But today I am asking you to be Ambassadors, Agents for 'Human Love'. Who here is from Congo? From other nations? That's amazing. The thing that we have in common is 'Human Love'. With 'Human Love' your sister would not go hungry. With Human Love if Charlotte knocks on your door asking you to join her campaign you would support her.

I am asking you all to become Agents for Human Love for those women. We all have Mobile Phones right? If you do you are part of the problem in the Congo. You should be active to be part of the solution. I am here today as somebody from the media to add my voice. I am asking you guys to add your voice, to shout, scream, kick because the people in the Congo do not deserve what they have been through. They do not deserve to be a rape statistic. You rape one woman and you have raped the entire nation.

I would like to thank Universal Peace Federation for constantly supporting Charlotte. Without UPF we would not be here today. Thank you very much. I would like to ask you all to do your bit. During the day do what work you have to do but in your spare time speak up for these women in the Congo and be Ambassadors of 'Human Love'.'

Photo courtesy of Ingrid Marns

Pauline Long is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, fashion designer, motivational speaker, music video director with over 25 awards. (more)


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