TG Foundation FundraiserThe TG Foundation held a fundraising event in Andipa Gallery to support clinics and ophanages in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to deal with victims of rape. Tatiana Giraud, on left in photo, is the founder of TG Foundation and works tirelessly to raise money for the Foundation. During a fundraising fahion event at Andipa Gallery to celebrate the 53rd anniversary of independence from colonial rule, Robin Marsh, was invited to speak about the recent meeting at the EU Parliament entitled, 'Responsible Sourcing of Conflict Minerals', hosted by Dr Charles Tannock MEP - European Parliament June 25th. More photos of the event are to be found on Facebook. Another album is here.

TG Foundation Founder, Tatiana Giraud (photo below) reminds guests of recent statistics from Panzi Hospital stating that there has been an influx of 1-10 year old girls being admitted for rape and that two of these girls died.

Tatiana Giraud at TG Foundation fundraising event

The TG Foundation helps victims of rape and sexual violence in the north-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our aim is to financially support hospitals in the more remote or less developed areas of the Kivu region in the DRC. These hospitals may provide various treatments including healthcare, psychological treatment, temporary housing, as well as job training programmes for women and girls who have been raped and are victims of sexual violence. Some of these women and girls are so violently raped that it sometimes takes multiple fistula operations before they are able to physically recover from their ordeal.

They develop a condition known as traumatic fistula. This condition occurs when women are raped so violently, that their vaginas are left torn and they are rendered incontinent. Typically, it costs a woman £500.00 for a complete operation. This includes 30 days of hospitalisation as well as a fistula operation. This equates to approximately £17.00 a day per patient. If 30 people donate £17.00 each every month they will contribute to treating a fistula patient.

We work with charities that have been founded in the Congo at grassroots levels and are in desperate need of programmes, development, infrastructure and funding.

What We Believe
Victims of Sexual Violence & Sexual Genocide in the Democratic Republic of Congo – The Destruction of Congolese Society by Using Rape as a Weapon of War

The TG Foundation is advocating for women & women's rights in Congo and believes that change will Maria Andipa Speaking at TG Foundation eventnot come by itself. Irrespective of complex war situations in the Congo, we are still facing the same problems. Change has not occurred in over a decade; women and children are still being violated, Companies are still profiting from Blood Metals and the Governments are still being idle.

First and foremost what is a Blood Metal?

Metals such as Coltan-Tantalum (primarily found in the DRC) are used by Tech Manufacturers to make Tantalum Oxide and high-quality Capacitors. These in turn are used to make electronic goods such as camera lenses, inkjet printers, and mobile phones and other electronic gadgets and devices. So why are these referred to as Blood Metals? In the same way that the Taliban uses Opium to fund its war in Afghanistan or that rebel groups in Colombia thrive off the proceeds of Cocaine sales, Rwandan & Congolese rebel groups make a profit from plundering Congo’s natural resources and selling Blood Metals to both developed and developing economies.

Despite the peace treaty in 2003, atrocities (primarily against women) are still at their height and current developments have shown that far less attention is being paid to the abuse of women’s rights by rebels, militia and rogue soldiers.

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