Bassam on screen - Within the Eye of the Storm'Within the Eye of the Storm', the award winning documentary of Rami and Bassam's painful journey from being enemies as an Israeli and a Palestinian whose daughters were tragically killed in different violent incidents. Through the Bereaved Family Forum / Parent's Circle they came to the point of grieving together while campaigning for peace to try to prevent future victims 'paying the price of the conflict'. Mr Virendra Sharma MP, who hosted the screening in the Commons, said that this was so moving he could not leave. The screening last night was held with Universal Peace Federation support.

They were asked at what moment they had changed to see their enemy as a human being and not seek revenge. For Rami it was at the beginning of an Israeli and Palestinian Bereaved Family Forum conference. Marcus Rennie Photos Link)

The sight of the Palestinian participants leaving the bus and coming towards him carrying pictures of their lost ones as he and his wife were also carrying their daughter's pictue, made him both realise that they were all the same, human beings and victims and feel ashamed that this was the first time he had met a Palestinian with that consciousness.

For Bassam there was not a particular moment but many Rami on screensuch moments in a long journey. He had spent seven years in an Israeli jail. During this time he had seen a film about the Holocaust and cried during the film. He realised the historical fear of the Jewish people. (Rami agreed here and said 'it is a 3000 year fear'.) He came to know one prison guard very well. They shared deeply over a seven month period that changed both of them. He commented that Rami had also been a role model for him when he had first met the Bereaved Family Forum.

Shelley Hermon, with Nissan Katz, the producer of this moving documentary, shared that it had been difficult to get this broadcast in Israel or in Arab countries. She would like to see it included in all Israeli and Palestinian schools. They had produced this film to highlight these issues and encourage a wider debate.

Tally Koren and Nizar Abu Zeid performed one song for the audience as a foretaste of the concert that will be held on International Peace Day, September 21st in Nottinghill Gate. The concert will feature their music and bring together Israeli and Palestinian musicians with profits going to the Bereaved Family Forum / Parents Circle. Universal Peace Federation - UK will be a partner of the event. More details will be released soon.

For more information on the screening tour in the UK please see

The list of tour screenings:

19th June - 7pm - Amnesty

22nd June - 7pm - Totnes

This international film produced by Nisan Katz and Shelley Hermon, with partners Within the Eye of the Storm Post Screening Panel (L to R) Shelley Hermon, Bassam, Rami, Robin Marsh, Mr Virendra Sharma MPlike The Sundance InstituteFrance 5 TV, Makor & Gesher Foundations for Cinema, has just won an Award for "Best Contemporary Issue film" in DocMiami and nominated for "Best Debut Documentary 2012" in Israel.

The film was directed by the British/ Israel filmmaker Shelley Hermon, who returned to live in Israel after 25 years in London. She decided to make a film that offers a fresh and broader perspective on the conflict through a very personal story and her unique point of view - both as an Israeli and outsider on the situation. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +972 543135316Tally Koren and Nizar Abu Zeid Performing Prelude to Sept 21st Concert

"To support the outreach work of this production and help promote the important message of this film, your financial contribution would be most valuable. You can make a donation via Paypal, at: account : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Or post a check addressed to: Shelley Hermon, 104 Leeside crescent, London NW11 OJY"

"The film is a unique portrait of two men, whose conviction and friendship triumph in the face of personal sacrifice! It is a unique, beautiful story filled with love and hope" SUNDANCE INSTITUTE


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