David Fairbank and Richard PriceDavid and Marie Fairbank explained that they had been inspired by UPF to come out of retirement to promote low cost housing manufacturing in under-developed nations to alleviate poverty, promote skills and sustainable communities. They had encouraged Richard Price, former Managing Director of Costains Asia and Africa, to join them in this project. They have been encouraged by various nations and financiers responses to these proposals. The project has the value of being designed to produce low cost prefabricated houses with only moderate profits to sustain the business and train indigenous workers to take over the factory after three years. These houses can be assembled without the use of cranes in three days by a trained team of four workers. A large factory plus assembling teams and sales people could provide employment for up to 5,000 people. Environmental aspects of the houses and the proposal to add a waste to energy unit should create communities that are sustainable and of great value to the economic development of the region in which they are established. They are looking to UPF and its wider network to help find partners who have a similar vision to establish several factories in the Third World where they are needed. The project also plans to develop the facility of stored units to be able to respond to emergency relief at a time of natural disasters. The Universal Peace Federation - UK Peace Council draws together the many activists and activities of the Ambassadors for Peace network. This has allowed the vision of this and other projects to flourish by allowing altruistic people to have the opportunity to contribute and suggest possible avenues for development. The network has provided a number of possibilities that are being considered.

Internally Displaced People Worldwide December 2009

            The aim of the low cost housing manufacturing project is to aid in the construction of a manufacturing base to produce low cost housing on a mass scale using various technologies. Our mission statement is to be part in creating the physical environment that encourages and enables collaboration between society and government.



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