altA Remember Africa Award was presented to Robin Marsh, Secretary General of Universal Peace Federation-UK at a ceremony held at the Royal Commonwealth Society on May 22nd, 2010 for services rendered for the cause of uplifting and developing people of Africa.

Marsh said he received this award on behalf of the African activities of the Universal Peace Federation  (UPF) in general. UPF has branches in every nation of Africa and has been involved in  a wide range of  humanitarian, educational, interfaith and peace-promoting activities. He mentioned the campaigns UPF - UK had been involved in at the time of the G8 Summit in 2005 and the G20 Summit in 2009 to promote an African voice in the discussion about their continent. On April 26th 2010 the 'How Much is the UK Really Helping Africa?' meeting emphasised issues in the trade and aid relationships with African nations that have not benefitted Africans.

He was selected for the award by a committee comprising Family Education Helpline UK, Commonwealth Countries League, Royal Victoria League and Women's Education in Africa Association - UK. The Remember Africa association has been promoted by Dr. Clarissa Bell-Gam Ihenacho to encourage and acknowledge service toward the continent of Africa. Photo Link