UPF South London Branch

Well over 50 people attended and were very impressed by the talks of our speakers Dr Lance Gardiner, Mrs Lorraine Chatfield and Dr Iftikhar Ayaz this Saturday. Dr Gardiner spoke on “crises and change in the credit crunch era”, the present economic situation and its cause; basically greed and recklessness were mentioned. The solution would be a more spiritual culture, a return to fundamental values, such as being responsible, valuing the family and creating a community spirit.

Mrs Chatfield gave a wonderful talk on the ecological impact in society, about the importance of trees and how things are going wrong with the destruction of the rainforests. She presented very convincingly how each one of us can do something to make at least a small difference in this field.

Dr Ayaz explained that materialism is breaking down, and that it is so important to restore love, warmth and trust among the people. He called those the fundamentals. He spoke about the love of God as the source of the creation and asked the question, why is love missing. He shared that God is providing leadership in this world through Rev. Moon. He mentioned Rev. Moon's effort to create an inter-religious chamber at the UN and that God has brought us to the awareness that it is time for the unification of mankind in the love of God. He pointed out that the family is the starting point for rebuilding humanity. We were really fascinated by the depth of his talk.

The speeches were followed by a lively panel discussion. Many questions were raised and brilliantly answered. There was much interest from all those present.

Ms Saleha Jaffer did an excellent job as MC and Russell Gough sang some beautiful songs to end.

Everyone enjoyed all the interaction, the warm atmosphere and sharing over a hot bowl of soup before leaving.