The Peace and Development Committee is involved in working the UK and also the Middle East.

The Holy Land Medical Project is a partnership of Saving Lives, a Rotarian Medical Aid Agency, and the Universal Peace Federation’s Middle East Peace Initiative. It is following a successful model of collaborative health care in parts of India that furthered dialogue and reconciliation between two communities in tension. We will establish a Board of Trustees of the three faith leaders, Israeli and Palestinian Doctors and business managers from both communities to oversee proposed training health centres. With support from the Saving Lives network, UK volunteer Doctors and an international network of Ambassadors for Peace, medical training courses, telemedicine, exchange visits, and twinning of hospitals etc. are envisaged.



  1. Israeli and Palestinian Collaborative Health Care on a model used in India by Saving Lives, a Medical Aid Charity.
  2. Self Sustaining Project after Three Years
  3. Build On Existing Foundation of Medical Cooperation to Restore pre-2nd Intifada Levels of
  4. Cooperation
  5. Establish two principal training health centres
    1. Hebron Government Allia Hospital
    2. Hadassah Hospital Jerusalem
      Establish Caritas Baby Hospital in partnership with Hadassah Hospital as a major Paediatric training centre. Enable the training centres to develop further regional training centres as appropriate (e.g. Ramallah and Nazareth.)
  6. Support for Major Needs in West Bank and Deprived Areas in Israel


Already three small preparatory visits completed as part of MEPI by Peter Patel, Ingrid
Stellmacher and Robin Marsh
June 26 2007: Ingrid Stellmacher organised a meeting of Doctors (One Israeli Doctor from Hadassah Hospital, & three Palestinian Doctors including Dr Emile Jarjoui.) in Jerusalem to discuss the project.
Dr. Peter Patel has arranged a provisional agreement from the Birmingham Children’s Hospital to cooperate with Bethlehem Caritas Baby Hospital. Four Doctors from Birmingham Children’s Hospital are visiting Caritas Baby Hospital from Dec 3rd to 7th 2007.


  1. Dec. 3rd -7th visit of Dr. Peter Patel, Robin Marsh and three Doctors from Birmingham Children’s Hospital.
  2. The Deputy Director of Birmingham Children’s Hospital and two other Doctor will do a scoping study of how they can provide medical training support for Caritas Baby Hospital, Bethlehem.
  3. Dr. Peter Patel will continue the mapping of needs in West Bank Medical care
  4. Establish a Trustee Board – Three Faith Leaders, Israeli Doctor, Palestinian Doctor plus Local business people.
  5. Establish a Management Board – Equal Numbers of Israeli Doctors and Palestinian Doctors
  6. Dr Peter Patel of Saving Lives will construct a business plan following the model used in India. It will support the Holy Land Medical Project structure established.
  7. Christmas Fundraising Plan and an Easter Visit with Sponsors


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