There was a high spirited UPF event at Lancaster Gate on Saturday November 17th entitled ‘Creating One Family Under God: Forward Looking Peace Making Efforts and Principles, Reform of the United Nations and the Achievement of Millennium Development Goals.’

The programme began with the call to prayer from Mohamed Aslam who was attending with Mayor Liquat Ali of the London Borough of Waltham Forest who gave greetings and an encouragement for Ambassadors for Peace to live for the sake of others.

He said that UPF’s AFPs were making a great contribution. Yael Lindenboim, who inspired the Jewish - Muslim Friendship evening, sang the song the Jewish choir had presented at that event, ‘The Song for Peace’ that the late Prime Minister, Yitzak Rabin, had sung moments before he was assassinated.

The WAIT youth group made a great performance for the UPF audience. Teaching the message of education against aids with high tempo dance and songs, it was an inspiring event for the adults, among whom many were parents.

H.E. Wesley Johnson, the Ambassador for Liberia, spoke of the time when he was Vice President in Liberia. He had attended an international conference of the UPF in Korea. UPF followed up with a project to assist in the rebuilding of Liberia after the civil war. He said ‘Living for the sake of others gave life meaning. He said was great work the UPF had accomplished in Liberia.

A message of peacemaking principles was read by Dr. Yong Cheol Song, UPF European Director. It was followed by several speeches illustrating similar principles espoused by other faiths. Rev. Dr. Abbey George spoke of the Christian calling to all mankind not only to Christians. Shamsuddin Agha, Chairman of the Indian Muslim Federation, spoke of the role of Islam.  

Vinod B. Tailor is a successful business and a spiritual man who has supported many great projects and activities. He spoke about the value of selfless life and the problem with greed in business.

Dr. Nancy Tokola continued her informative presentations at UPF events a speech that brought all the elements of the event together. She explained the role of the Millennium Development Goals in her personal life and the life of her family. ‘Peace’, she said, ‘begins at home with the choices we make. Some of these reflect the MDGs. We choose our partnerships which are MDG 8. First we form a partnership with God. Later we have a partnership with a spouse.’ She explained, ‘Like the young people at the beginning of the programme I waited. I did not date until God showed me the one who could be my future husband.’

Following up on the theme of MDG’s former Mayor of Harrow, Cllr Lurline Champagnie, spoke of her charitable initiative to support humanitarian needs in South Africa.

Dr Gyan Sheth provided an insight from a Jain perspective reiterating the similarities with Dr Moon’s peace message. He said Jainism encourages selfless service in order to enhance life. He quoted Rumi, mentioning that 2007 is the ‘Year of Rumi’, saying ‘I am from the soul of the source’.
The evening ended with music from Bharat Koria on drums and Seetal Gurprashad on the mandolin. Bharat preceded his performance by saying it was a pleasure for him to sing and perform for selfless causes and Father Moon was definitely one of those who had lived his life for the sake of others. Some of the audience got up to dance and enjoy what had been an occasion of high spirit.


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