On June 22nd, 2007, the European MEPI group arrived in Jerusalem. The group consisted of a former Deputy Prime Minister, a Supreme Court Judge, current politicians, a Rabbi and various media representatives from around Europe. Also present was a MEPI delegation from America, in which participated an official from the White House, a State Senator, a former Congressman, Christian Pastors and a number of peace activists. Together these groups were to visit sites in the Holy Land, and engage in talks and discussions on how to further peace in this conflict-torn region.

Not long after arrival, already a number of discussions were held. These revolved around Ingrid Stellmacher and Dr Peter Patel and the work of the Saving Lives emergency care medical aid project.

Also due on the day of arrival were the welcoming remarks and introductions. This was done on a balcony of the hotel, overlooking the spectacular Holy City. The welcoming committee consisted of Baruch Shellev, the president of service for peace in the region and a local Ambassador for Peace, and Imam Halil Elbaz-Tel Sheva and his wife.