Pre-marriage and Post-marriage Relationship Education – Improving the Trend

Written by Edward Hartely
Saturday, 08 November 2008 00:00

              Edward Hartley

Edward Hartley, co-chair of the GPF Marriage and Family working group opened the focus session by stating “Stable families are the building blocks of a peaceful society; it behoves a country to look carefully at how these can be nurtured”. Mr Hartley went on to say “All couple relationships should ideally succeed in allowing children to grow up in a loving, supportive atmosphere created by a united Mum and Dad - not suffering from emotional or other disadvantages from their family life.”

“Couple relationship education programmes have been shown to be capable of reducing couple breakdown by 20%-30% or more – but only 8% of couples in the UK and many other countries enjoy the benefits of them with the notable exception of Norway, the USA, Australia and one or two other countries”

bromley1.jpgBromley - 10 April 2008 - The Universal Peace Federation’s Marriage and Family Committee to the United Kingdom under the chairmanship of Eddie Hartley recently completed a year’s research into the field of marriage and family relationships.

The study had involved considerable input from Harry Benson of the Bristol Community Family Trust, who has done much work in the area of premarital and post-marital education. It’s an unfortunate fact that about 42% of all marriages in the UK break down over 30 years of which 14% hit the rocks within the first 5 years.

Around 50 people attended a Conference, held in West Norwood, South London on March 25th 2006, about the importance of the parent-child relationship.

30 people participated in the first Family conference in Scotland as part of the Global Peace Festival build up. Entitled "What role does the family play in today's world", and held in Edinburgh, there were four key speakers representing the Unificationist, Christian and Moslem faiths.

Mission statement

To assess the situation of family relationships in the UK compared to the ideal of a stable relationship, ideally a marriage, between a man and a woman as a couple, which is the foundation for them to become good parents of a healthy, loving, nurturing family if and when children are born.


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