International Day of FamilyOn the occasion of the International Day of Families, the Universal Peace Federation honors UN resolution 52/81 of 12 December 1997, in which the United Nations General Assembly recognizes the need to strengthen and support families in performing their societal and developmental functions. UPF offers the following recommendations:

Commitment in Marriage conference 2009 Group PhotoUniversal Peace Federation (UPF) 

Womens’ Federation for World Peace (WFWP)

18th July 2009, 43 Lancaster Gate, London, W2 3NA. 

“Promotion of stable marriages and the commitment this requires is one of the most powerful ways we can contribute, both as religious and non-religious people, to rebuilding an unbroken, positive, peaceful Britain,” stated Edward Hartley, the MC for a July 18 conference in Central London on the topic of “Commitment in Marriage in World Faiths in Modern-day Britain.”  Link for Full Report

The main tools to try first (according to the situation) are in orange

Psychometric inventories

- to establish the current status of the current or current prediction for the future relationship. It assesses the couples similarities and also differences in various areas (e.g. communication, conflict resolution, financial managenent, children/parenting, etc.) highlighting strengths and also possible growth areas. It is the possible growth areas which can be strengthened by subsequent programmes and which might endanger the relationship if skills are not improved in these areas. They help make the subsequent programmes followed more targeted and meaningful.

Speakers TableThe UN International Day of Families was supported by an enthusiastic, interfaith audience revealing the universal interest and concern for the family. There were presentations on ‘Preparation and Early Support for Family Life’ from Christian, Sikh, Muslim, Hindu, Jain and Unificationists as well as an explanation of the value of Couple Relationship Education by the Chair of the UPF Marriage and Family Committee, Eddie Hartley. The conclusion was presented by the Chair of the Westminster United Nations’ Association, David Wardop, who referred to the United Nations as a world family whose work of quiet diplomacy solves many of the world’s problems. The UN International Day of Families is one that is regularly supported by the UPF worldwide. The event in the UPF HQ is one of several occurring around the UK.

Background sources

a) Marriage

The Case for Marriage – Why married people are happier, healthier and better off financially by Linda J. Waite and Maggie Gallagher from 2000 (USA)
ISBN 0-7679-0632-2 is described as a critically important intervention in the debate about the future of the family. It is extremekly well researched and disproves many myths, shows how cohabition and marriage are not equivalent and that only marriage can deliver the benefits mentioned in its title

In the HOC consultation hand-outs for the consultation held in the House of Commons on 22/04/08 by the Movement for Marriage Dr. Trevor Stammers gave the presentation Marriage and Health on the health benefits of marriage – enlightening!
Dr. Alistair Noble gave the presentation Marriage and Education about the education policy concerning education about marriage is schools and the desirability of doing it.
Dennis Wrigley, Leader of the Maranatha Community gave the important contribution The Future of the Marriage-based Family

Strong Families Around the World by John DeFrain is a valuable article which appeared in Family Matters No.53 Winter 1999 from the Australian Institute of Family Studies and explains that much of the research on families in the 20th Century focused on families in trouble in an effort to answer the question, ‘Why do families fail?’ An alternative approach, focusing on families who are doing well, helps us find answers to the question, ‘How do families succeed?’. It includes the many universal qualities of strong families.


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