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A discussion on 'Faith Perspectives on the Family' from  four different religious representatives took place on November 6th in UPF-UK Headquarters. This was one of a series of conferences on issues concerning the family to be held in the coming months. The family is seen as a source of stability, love, nurture and education in many faiths. The Unification Movement is also well known for its desire to promote family as a source of societal, national and international change.

There are numerous issues of controversy relating to the family from faith perspectives. Interfaith perspectives of the family identify the commonality and differences in views of the family in relation to the search for God. The religious and cultural influence on family life has great implications for the development of society, culture, or economy. The differences between the protestant and catholic realms of the world, or the Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist or Muslim religio-cultural spheres all have  shaped the character of nations and the role of the family within it.

Each faith representative was interviewed by Mrs. Mary Braybrooke JP who not only is a keen moderator but has a lot of experience of the family's position in different faiths.

Family AwardThe UN International Day of the Family was commemorated in the UK's House of Lords on the 15th of May. Inspirational speakers Rioch Edwards-Brown and Iain Brown, founders of ‘So You Wanna Be in TV?’, Sheridan Mangal, CEO SFM Capital Markets Training Ltd spoke on ‘Repairing the Broken Family’ and Jack Corley, Chairman of UPF- UK, spoke of their passion for working with families, communities and young people.  Family Awards were presented to three exemplary families including eight members of the Sharma family, Maria Andipa representing her family and Mr Shahid Ali with his wife, Mrs Fatema Nargis and son, Ome Shahid who were nominated by Stepney Green Maths, Computing & Science College for their commitment to the school as a family.

Three Ambassadors for Peace: Pastor Samuel Yerokun, Yasmeen Khan and Wege Singh with Rev. Brian CooperThe Universal Peace Federation (UPF) in Scotland held a “Marriage and Family” seminar event in the Radisson Hotel, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, on Sunday 20th November, combined with the Edinburgh book-launch of the autobiography of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, UPF founder.

The Rt. Hon. George Grubb, Lord Provost of Edinburgh, and Mrs. Elizabeth Grubb, Lady Provost, welcomed the gathering to Edinburgh. The Lord Provost spoke of the historic Royal Mile which leads from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood House, where statues can be seen of David Hume, the Enlightenment philosopher, and Adam Smith, the father of modern economics. Edinburgh has been noted for education since the founding of Edinburgh University in 1583. Edinburgh’s more recently founded universities commemorate other Scottish notables: Heriot Watt University combines the names of John Heriot, financier, and James Watt, inventor of the steam-engine; Napier University is named after John Napier, the inventor of logarithms; Telford University bears the name of Thomas Telford, builder of iron bridges. The Lord Provost finished his address by applauding the choice of theme, “Marriage and Family”.

David HannaThe Universal Peace Federation in Bromley held an event on 13.05.13 at Livingstone House, Chislehurst to celebrate the UN International Day of Families and consider the question, 'What is Marriage?'

The MC Mr. Edward Hartley, Chair of UPF Bromley, introduced Mr. Trevor Davies, Secretary of UPF Bromley, who gave a history of his family which stems from Wales and how each generation put so much trust and hope into a fulfilling marriage to experience the happiness this can bring and to continue the lineage. Dr. Joy Phillipou, philosopher, philanthropist and a very active lady on many fronts, author of A Course in Loving from 1994 (and many other books) supported points already made and stressed the importance of commitment in a marriage relationship.

Rt Hon Baroness Scotland QC

Rt. Hon. Baroness Scotland of Asthal QC, Britain’s first black female Attorney General (2007-2010) shared her experiences in combating domestic violence in Britain. “Peace at home is a fundamental human right, which must be protected unconditionally” she stated. She encouraged all present to be involved in the elimination of domestic violence. She said in 2003 “1 in 4 women in the UK was a victim of domestic violence.” While after great hard work by 2009 the figure was improved to 1 in 6 women. She saw also the positive developments of a number of international efforts including the United Nations which made November 25th, the Elimination of Domestic Violence day, and the 16 days Campaign against Gender Violence beginning on November 25th and ending on Human Rights Day, December 10th. The Council of Europe has launched a far reaching Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women that has now been signed by 17 nations.


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