The Family Festival on November 10th 2018 was a gathering of different Family Federation communities, WFWP and UPF. It sought to educate, promote and celebrate families and the personal stories they share together.

To enhance family ‘skills’ as a preparation for the ‘Marriage Blessing and Re-dedication Ceremony’ Rev Dr David Hanna gave a pre-programme lecture regarding the significance of the Marriage Blessing that afternoon. Click on the link to see the presentation. Nicola Bailey explained the basics in ‘Parenting Skills’ to introduce a course that she runs bearing this title.

Family Federation UK President, Matthew Huish, as well as guiding proceedings ran a quiz for the audience to promote a better understanding of the context of the modern UK family.

Francis Fobbie and Dr David Earle, both Family Federation Pastors but from very different backgrounds, shared their family stories. It was also within this theme of ‘sharing our stories’ that Rev Dr Marcus and Mary Braybrooke, revealed their family secrets and lessons learned over 54 years of marriage before being presented with an Exemplary Family Award.

Interfaith prayers were offered prior to the re-dedication of couples participating in the Blessing. Rev Dr Marcus Braybrooke, Sheikh Dr Hojjat Ramzy and several others were on hand to offer prayers from different traditions. A number of couples rededicated their vows to each other while the remainder joined them in a toast to the holy tradition that has sustained life for millennia.

Kinue Kato, George Ostapko, Mia Gardener and Tally Koren all contributed to inspire and celebrate the re-dedication of passion to the family that is fundamental to humanity.



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