Around 50 people attended a Conference, held in West Norwood, South London on March 25th 2006, about the importance of the parent-child relationship.

The Conference was held in the Nettlefold Lower Hall on the Saturday afternoon. A PowerPoint presentation given by Franklin Fortune started off the event, explaining the vision and purpose of the IIFWP and the Ambassador for Peace programme.

Mrs Kauthar Ahmid then spoke on the “Islamic Perspective”, giving an informative presentation on what is expected of both parent and child in Islam. Young father of 22 years of age, Matthew Huish then spoke from the perspective of the child reminding that we are all children regardless of age. He spoke about “Inheritance and Development”, giving from his own experience with his mother and also reflecting on what he can bequeath to his son.
Mr Leroy Jackson spoke from experience with much passion about the “Reality of the Parent-Child relationship in Today’s Society”. He made frequent references to comments made by other speakers and tied them all together. Not having had a true parental role model in his own life, Leroy concluded that we need a deep and close relationship with our Creator God to help us understand what it means to be a parent and that He should be that role model for us.
Many from the audience asked questions and came with comments in the panel discussion that followed. There was real interest and concern. Poems were shared and we were encouraged to look at ourselves: How can I become a good parent?


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