Syrian Refugees Meet Up

For over a year now we have heard much about Syrian refugees, their suffering and amazing journeys; some at the risk of their lives and others losing their lives on the way to Europe. We saw devastating pictures of unaccompanied, lonely children whose parents could not make it! We have always been wondering “what it is like for the children, young couples, teenagers, and larger families to be uprooted from their homes?” and then coming to a completely different and unusual milieu in Europe and now England. Most young people cannot speak English. Besides their normal suffering they are missing their food and culture and their own homes.

Farrukh Dhondy and Matteo Bergamini

Farrukh Dhondy & Matteo Bergamini were interviewed in the 'Evening With' series. Gul Khan of the All Ladies League, London interviewed Farrukh Dhondy, former Commissioning Editor of Channel 4 and Matteo Bergamini, Shout Out UK founder, was interviewed by Quince Garcia of Roadworks Media. While mostly considering political literacy and documentary filmmaking, Matteo Bergamini explained how they were able to film a documentary about the largely underground movement 'Annonymous'.  (Video link) The event was a partnership between  All Ladies League and the Universal Peace Federation  #ALL #UPF 

Universal Peace Federation Calendar 2017 

Universal Peace Federation (UPF) has a series of programmes ongoing featuring five main areas. The Interface of Religion and Politics, Marriage and Family, Sustainable Development Goals, Women's Empowerment and Youth Empowerment. Many invitations can be viewed here. The upcoming events are:

Cleeve House Come and join us for a weekend in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. We will spend a weekend reflecting on the lifestyles that contribute to peace in Cleeve House, Seend. The next weekend will be October 27 - 29.

Social Media Session Panel

Social media have become a catch-all phrase for a spectrum that runs from word-of-mouth rumour to The New York Times and BBC live blogs. They are fast and can have immediate global repercussions. But how much do they really help or hinder efforts to build peace? Are they more relevant than the introduction of printing, radio, television or the Internet itself into fractious societies? To what extent should the law step in to regulate the messages they bring? Addressing these questions, panellists in this session will assess the impact of social media on peacebuilding. 

Womens Leadership in the Prevention of Radicalisation

In efforts toward the prevention of violent extremism, women play a crucial role. As mothers and wives, they may detect early signs of radicalization in the family. As members of the community, they highly value family protection, education and well-being. As leaders in society, they prioritize connectivity, inclusiveness and peaceful solutions to conflict. In this session, panellists will offer their thoughts and perspectives on the role of women’s empowerment and leadership in countering extremism and resisting radicalisation.

Dr Sun Jin Moon, International Chair of UPF SpeakingDr. Sun Jin Moon gives a keynote address promoting the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace to a packed, historic UK House of Commons Committee Room. Politicians and others from Eurasia, Middle East, North Africa and Europe were gathered to attend a Universal Peace Federation conference.  


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