David HartRev. Dr. David Hart, a retired Anglican Priest, commented during an address commemorating the second Anniversary of Father Moon's passing, that to him, Sun Myung Moon was like Jesus calling humankind to realign their faith to deal with current challenges informed by personal inner experience of the living God.

Keith BennettKeith Bennett has tried to understand the relationship of Father Moon with North Korea. He has visited North Korea regularly since 1983. He has many friends there. He loves the Korean people and thinks they are blessed with the finest qualities of human nature. He feels the Korean peninsula is unsurpassed in its physical beauty.

"As a regular visitor to North Korea I have been able to see with my own eyes something of the surface of this work. Things like the Potokang hotel that was renovated by Rev Moon and maintained by the Unification Movement. The Peace and Convention Centre in front of the Potokang Hotel.  The Billboards of the Peace Motors is the only non-political advertising in all of North Korea."

Ahmed ShebaniI want to start with a reference to a verse in the Koran. Chapter 6 verse 32 ‘God tells us whoever revives the soul of a human being, it is as if he has revived all of humanity. Whoever kills the soul of a human being, it is as if he has killed all of humanity.’

Two verses of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) ‘Whoever removes the obstacle from the path does an act of charity.’  

‘A person in the life after his work has not finished through three channels. If a child prays for him. An educational institution that he left behind. A charitable institution and good deeds that he left behind.’  His Holiness, the late Father Moon has subscribed to all three good virtues I just mentioned.

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Youth Achievement Awards - Universal Peace Federation Youth Achievement Awards will be presented to deserving young adults on July 1st from 5.00 pm in Committee Room 14, the House of Commons. At this event we will present the Youth Achievement Awards (YAA) to young people of various backgrounds, and hear them explain their activities. At this event we will present an Ambassador for Peace award to the inspiring Pauline Long.   

Singer songwriter Tally Koren will perform her song 'Free Will' during the programme as part of a campaign to inspire people to fulfil their dreams.
Jermain JackmanPlease see the explanation of the Youth Achievement Awards here - http://bit.ly/1jKrHTR


Youth Achievement Award 2013For the past five years the United Peace Federation have been presenting Youth Achievement Awards to young adults (usually between 18-30 years old) who are striving to make a difference in their communities. Held in the Houses of Parliament, the event celebrates the voluntarism of young people and recognises their efforts, encouraging them and others to keep doing good and going beyond what is expected of them.

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