Universal Peace Federation's Annual Peace Council is the year end drawing together of Ambassadors for Peace, long standing friends of UPF and Branch Chairs etc from across the UK. Areas of activity such as the work with Young Achievers, Women's Empowerment, Family and Marriage and the Inter-relationship of Religion and Politics were all included with updates from UPF activities around the world.

A series of videos have been uploaded on Youtube and can accessed through this link Photos of the afternoon are posted here and here

Barrister Jacqueline Onalo (second from left) is awarded an Ambassador for Peace certificate by Margaret Ali, director of UPF-UK; Dr. David Hanna, UPF...
Angelique Monet, founder of New Generation in Action’s AFI World Peace Initiative (left).
Elham Fardad, a senior manager at Ernst & Young and the founder of the Migrant Leaders mentoring program.
The audience listens to Elham Fardad.
Elham Fardad and Dominic Hoyte, one of UPF-UK’s Young Achievers and now a mentor.
Dr. Marina Nani, an author and radio presenter, and Dr. Gill Barham, a broadcast presenter and advocate for mental and social health, are presented wi...
Jonathan Blain, author of the book “Pioneering Leadership in Uncharted Waters”.
Breakout discussion groups with UPF lecturer Tim Miller (standing).

Universal Peace Federation - UK Peace Council - Programme: 


Hear from Major UPF Contributors in the UK and Recent Worldwide Initiatives

Celebrate the End of the Year Together 

Consider Strategies for 2019 and Beyond




Rev Dr David Hanna– UPF Chair North Europe Region https://youtu.be/1TnfubPF4vY

Dr David Hanna


Ms. Bhavika Lad - Diverse Cultures Working Together


David Fraser-Harris: Sec. Gen. UPF Middle East https://youtu.be/RJdCjTsg2T8


Questions and Answers


Jacqueline Onalo: Barrister - Impressions of UPF   


Dr David Earle & Mrs. Patricia Earle: To Propose a Toast


Angelique Monet: Founder of New Generation In Action’s AFI World Peace Initiative (ECOSOC status to the United Nations).


UPF Youth Activities: 
1) Elham Fardad, Ernst & Young Senior Manager and the founder of Migrant Leaders Mentoring programme. Dominic Hoyte: Young Achiever and now Mentor


2) ShoutOut UK: Founder & CEO, Matteo Bergamini UPF Young Achievers project “Challenging Stigma of Mental Health in Youth”.  https://youtu.be/b4hNkTxWpqc


UPF Activities 2018 Margaret Ali and Robin Marsh


Break Out Discussion Groups 


Impressions of Universal Peace Federation:


Dr Marina Nani: Award Winning Author, Radio Presenter, Founder of The Hotel Alternative 

Robin Marsh, Dr Marina Nani, Actar Dinata and Angelique Monet

Dr Gill Barnham: Broadcast presenter and advocate for mental and social health prevention.

Barbara Taiga – Barrister: Comments on the UPF Retreat


Abdul Basit Syed Ibrahim – Ambassador for Peace Worldwide Network of Idealism - https://youtu.be/zbc8FAsyJhI


Charlotte Simon: Founder of Mothers of Congo - Democratic Republic of Congo Activities - https://youtu.be/S66PO7rkb_8

Charlotte Simon

Jonathan Blain: ‘Pioneering Leaders in Uncharted Waters’ - https://youtu.be/cIuPBSVgd14


UPF branches sharing their innovative projects.


Dr David Earle: Activities in Birmingham. https://youtu.be/q5tlOpYn-kc

Dr David and Patricia Earle

Dr. Piara Singh Bhogal Co-Chair of the Sikh Council UK- https://youtu.be/3f1j2Y0JInE


Cllr. Ramesh Sri Vastava: Former Mayor of Rugby - https://youtu.be/cv3Lewu8L0Q


Dr Lance Gardiner:  South London UPF Activities - https://youtu.be/PcbxBCMhEyA




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