Sir Dr Ayaz OBEThe Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Annual #Peace Council was a very inspiring occasion. One participant expressed, 'I am so inspired to hear the message of peace expressed today. I am so glad to have been introduced to you. It has given me so much hope.'  



Humphrey Hawksley, BBC World Affairs Correspondent, asked the audience who supported bombing Syria. He looked surprised when only one person raised their hand. He explained his 

Tally Koren

recent visit to Vietnam reminding the audience that Vietnam had defeated three of the P5 Nations on the Security Council of the United Nations. He wondered if local or regional solutions maybe preferable to superpower involvement in every conflict 

Humphrey Hawksley

around the world. 

The UPF Peace Council, assembling partners, members and friends of UPF, reviews the year past and looked to 2016 and beyond. With presentations from Nepal UPF Secretary explaining the role of UPF Founders, Father and Mother Moon, in Nepal's Peace Process.

Binod Dangi


Angela Chevelleau




Peace Council Programme

10.30 am, Saturday 5th December 2015

Welcome – Margaret Ali, Director UK-UPF

Dr David Earle, Chair of UK-UPF Board and Birmingham UPF

Robin Marsh, Secretary 

General UK-UPF

UPF Activities – Robin Marsh and Margaret Ali

Angela Chevelleau 

Tally Koren – Inspirational Singer

Keith Best, UPF Director

Nicola Bailey, UPF Director

Mark Brann - 

International UPF Activities

Sir Iftikhar Ayaz 

OBE, Honorary Consul of Tuvalu Binod Dangi, UPF Secretary General for Nepal – 

Nepal Peace Project

 Youth UPF

Ambassador for Peace Awards



 Mark Brann – UPF Peace Initiatives 

Humphrey Hawksley, BBC World Affairs Correspondent

Dr. Lul Seyoum – Eritrea

Cecilia Hallstrom – Islamic Centre of Malmo

James Tang – UPF Sustainable Development Goals Committee

Charlotte Simon – Founder of Mothers of Congo

Dr David Earle – Chairman of UPF Board and Birmingham UPF


Annerose Adams, South London UPFev Singh-Bains, Sikh Council UK and Dr David Earle – Integration Service Learning

Justina Mutale, Justina Mutale Leadership Foundation


Sheikh Dr Hojjat Ramzy, UPF Director, Chair of the Education Committee of the Muslim Council of Britain

More photos and reports to come: