UPF PrinciplesThe monthly introduction to Universal Peace Federation - UK in the Lancaster Gate HQ was attended by people we had come to know through recent events. There was a stimulating discussion of the five core, universal principles of UPF. (see below) 

One person attending the UPF Introduction said on twitter that it was an 'inspirational evening'.

This meeting is usually held on the second Thursday of the month. On the last Tuesday of the month there is a group of more long term friends to consider peace making and good governance presentations.


Introduction to UPF

Introduction to UPF monthly meeting

Principles for Peace UPF Powerpoint here  


1) We are one human family created by God. The way to rise above the pursuit of self-interest is to recognize our

 common humanity, given to us by our Creator. Just as a parent can intercede in the disputes of children, the parental heart originating from the Creator can help us resolve the differences that exist between nations, cultures and religions.

2) The highest qualities of the human being are spiritual and moral in nature. Human beings long for truth, beauty

3) The family is the “school of love and peace.” In the family, the most basic personal and public virtues are learned. Understanding the family as the school of love helps us to recognize that family is the most essential institution. The foundation for a healthy family is a faithful, committed marriage. and goodness. Life’s deepest meaning and purpose can be found through their pursuit. Each person has an eternal spirit that transcends physical life. Spiritual principles are to be practiced in this life so that we are prepared for the eternal world.

4) Living for the sake of others is the way to reconcile the divided human family. By practising living for the sake of others, we become other-centred rather than self-centred. The essence of good character is true love expressed through unselfish actions.

5) Peace comes through cooperation beyond the boundaries of ethnicity, religion and nationality. Lasting peace cannot be achieved through political compromise alone, but requires addressing the root causes of conflict. Transcending racial, religious and ethnic barriers is an imperative of our time. Faith can give people the power to forgive, and the love to overcome even generations of hatred, resentment and violence. 





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