David HartRev. Dr. David Hart, a retired Anglican Priest, commented during an address commemorating the second Anniversary of Father Moon's passing, that to him, Sun Myung Moon was like Jesus calling humankind to realign their faith to deal with current challenges informed by personal inner experience of the living God.

Rev Hart began by describing London as a bright multi-cultural city where people from all around the world want to live. Among that diversity the Universal Peace Federation HQ in Lancaster Gate is a beating heart of interfaith. 

He added that he had written a book on the Unification Movement and Father Sun Myung Moon. He found some of his friends in the Unification Movement were less warm to him afterwards. He also found his friends in the Anglican church questioning why he was spending so much time and effort with the ‘Moonies’.

“The genius of Sun Myung Moon is not that he published one book the Divine Principle. It was not that he had one religious idea but from that early vision in his teenage years he was called to the place of Jesus in the 20th century. That is a huge challenge. Here is one challenge that I only saw today and it hit me”. Right at the top of page 33 (of the Inaugural World Tour of the Universal Peace Federation by Father and Mother Moon.) Father Moon is quoted,

‘I will mobilise billionaires in America to end the scandal of starvation where tens of thousands of people die every day many of them children. Think of the heart of God to these people. Think of how their mothers and fathers must feel. I started the Universal Peace Federation, the Abel UN, (as a body to reform the United Nations) to solve these kinds of problems.’

That is why we are here today to celebrate Sun Myung Moon from so many different nations and religions because here is a challenge for the 21st century. 

In his Divine Principle Rev. Moon says the four global religions have completely failed the world of the 20th century. 

Rev. Hart stated, 'Imam Sajid said that Sun Myung Moon is like the Prophet to him. I will say as a Christian Sun Myung Moon is like Jesus to me.'

'The seal of the living God is what Sun Myung Moon preached. The scripture of the major religions is like a life manual but there are many who look at the scripture to know what to do in daily life. We have to realign our religious commitment to cross over boundaries and go beyond the comfortable. Father Moon message was to energise people who cross the boundaries for the sake of peace.'

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