Ahmed ShebaniI want to start with a reference to a verse in the Koran. Chapter 6 verse 32 ‘God tells us whoever revives the soul of a human being, it is as if he has revived all of humanity. Whoever kills the soul of a human being, it is as if he has killed all of humanity.’

Two verses of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) ‘Whoever removes the obstacle from the path does an act of charity.’  

‘A person in the life after his work has not finished through three channels. If a child prays for him. An educational institution that he left behind. A charitable institution and good deeds that he left behind.’  His Holiness, the late Father Moon has subscribed to all three good virtues I just mentioned.

As a recipient, 12 years ago, of leadership scholarship courses twice in the Peace Palace in South Korea. I was touched when I had my first contact with Father Moon because I could see the truth. We are not human beings. We are spiritual beings with human experiences. This (body) is a carbon shell that will be used and then left behind.  What rises above us is the light that is within us. As the Indian person who spoke before said when we think of Heaven we look inside ourselves.

I am a Muslim who loves God out of love not fear. The journey that we begin our life the baby is crying and everyone around them is smiling. When we die the person who dies is smiling and everyone around them is crying. Everything in life is possible but we cannot avoid the appointment to go upstairs. We must never give in to our fears. The journey to reach God is into your own Temple, Gurdwara, Synagogue or Mosque.

I would like you to know that the legacy of His Holiness, Father Moon still lives on in Libya. As a Libyan politician and an active member of Libyan Civil Society we have taken it upon us to start a reconciliation process. We could not call it ‘Peace and Reconciliation Process’ because many Libyans objected to this. So we simply called it, ‘The Initiative’

This is to reach out at a grass root level across the barriers in regions and tribes. We were so optimistic we even reached out to Southern Sudan. We have sent members of our organisation to heal divisions between the two conflicting tribes there. It is not easy. It is extremely hard. From my personal experience I refused to translate military documents about high range projectiles because those on the other side were also Libyans. Our future is not about them and us. It is about all of us. I will leave you with an African prayer, ‘May the light be with you wherever you go.’

Ahmed Shebani is the Founder of the Democratic Party of Libya. This was the first political party created after the Gaddafi revolution began. It is the only party in Libya promoting the establishment of a secular democracy.

Transcribed by Robin Marsh


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Thanks to Lauren Turner of 'Roadworks Media' and Gianni Raineri 'Good Images' for photos and David Stacey for the Audio Visual support.

Thank you to Margaret Ali, Joyce Suda, Anne Kobayashi and Noemi Todorov for their help with different parts of the programme.



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