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Living for the Sake of Others - Perspectives on the Meeting:

Shabnam Khan:

Robin Marsh and Margaret Ali welcomed UPF's Ambassadors of Peace, friends and newer members of the Youth UPF on Tuesday 30th July at Lancaster Gate. The event was enjoyed by all as they were reminded of UPF's core values of being One Family under God, and how it is natural for all to be Living for the Sake of Others.

Robin spoke about how God created different properties in the Earth's components that link us back to God, how everything has a pair, and Margaret spoke about feeding the spritual half of us as well as the physical side. Everyone shared an experience, either of a role model or of how they can serve others in their own personal ways- sometimes without even realising it. All agreed that once that first step is taken to extend a lending hand, what you get back is much greater as you feel that you have helped someone open up a new door to a different beginning as a result of that help.

Amira Elhouderi:

Core AFP Mtg July 30th 2013It was my pleasure to attend the Core Ambassador for Peace Meeting. (Amira is on right in photo.) The meeting was fruitful, as the subject on ‘Living for the Sake of Others’ was well chosen. We desperately need people to understand the importance of this concept in bringing up healthy society. Robin and Margaret were very informative. This made me realize the importance of “giving” to others as a principle to apply in daily life, without expecting a return. I was also really impressed by the seniority and quality of people the UPF were able to gather for that meeting. We need more such events particularly for the Youth UPF to get together and interact openly and leverage on each other’s experience. We could also think of future projects that aim to spread this concept of ‘Living for the Sake of Others’, among young generation in the British society.

Adam Nazar:

Living for the sake of others was a heart warming and inspiring session with other AOPs. To hear their storiesAdam Nazar on right in photo and inspirational stories of change could make an invalid walk and the blind to see, just by inspiration and determination to help others.

I met people in the network that I had never had the pleasure to meet. I felt we all shared a common purpose. When I stood up ad talked about my work with the youth and what inspires me each day to not give them a fish to eat for a day, but to teach them to fish so they can be fed for life, I forgot to mention about me being a carer for my mother. the lady who inspired me from a young age to make society a better, more moral place to live.

I suppose it's second nature to me. Looking after her when she is unable to carry out simple tasks, being totally dependent, is an honour, to serve her and to give her peace. People around me say that I have had a 7 year void int life, out of my career, out of making money. I say, all praise is to god! For blessing me with looking after her. To learn that wisdom and power of character follow endurance and patience.
I have truly discovered my soul. My heart's voice has become louder and louder over the years. looking after her propelled me into my work with society, human rights, human dignity, morality, empowering today’s youth with their right and so on.

I'm often told I'm so lucky to have looked after her, I say I'm only what god has given me and what my parents taught me.

In every human there is good. This is only realised when we learn. Learn from what is around us and from what we do That voice in your heart becomes louder and louder. No matter if someone does bad, no matter what trials god puts in your path, no matter how low you feel, I guarantee you, a feeling of absolute fulfilment will over take you. I cannot describe how that feels. However, I wil tell you this,

It is not the darkness inside of us we fear, it is the light that resides within us. That we are powerful beyond belief, that our capability to help others and to forget about ourselves becomes an itch that needs to be scratched. It is why we were created. It's an act of worship to the almighty. The session and hearing other tell their tales heroic change empowered me. Yu see the true heroes of our time are those who can bring change, inspire others to their calling and who speak out against the  injustices of the world. Living for the sake of god and others is why I get up in the morning, is why i walk, why I breathe and I'm telling you my tale.

Adam A-B Nazar Chairman of VIP Minds

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