Youth UPFThe UPF-UK Annual Peace Council was a full day of the ideals and the activities of the Universal Peace Federation worldwide. There were the ideals and values as expressed by European UPF President Dr Yong Cheon Song and UK UPF Chairman Jack Corley. The activities of local, national, European and other continents featured during the day. Mark Brann, UPF European Secretary General, summarised developments worldwide especially reporting on the development of the European Leadership Conference series and the North Korean Medical Project.

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The Ambassador of Nepal, HE Dr Suresh Chalise, was presented with the Ambassador for Peace award for his work in the Nepal PeaceHE Dr Suresh Chalise AFP award Process. He addressed the audience following the award ceremony describing meeting Father Moon and visiting South Korea for a UPF conference and his involvement as the adviser to a former Prime Minister. He has been an Ambassador to both the US and now the UK for the last three years. He commented that, 'I am so happy to have been reconnected to Universal Peace Federation after several years.'

Robin Marsh and Margaret Ali presented the 2012 activities of UK UPF including several of the European Leadership Conferences. Christa Kamga spoke early about the Youth Interfaith Council and the North Korean refugees book fair. She was followed later by remainder of the Youth UPF team made a group presentation about their projects. Neil O'Neil, Keldon Alleyne, Asuka Ohagi, Shabnam Khan and Adam Nazar explained the character education, 'evening with' (interviews with an inspiring person) and the human rights education.

One participant, Satish Desai, shared that the day was 'an event to remember. Participation by young members was great! The presentations by people from Libya were especially interesting. As a Hindu-Indian from the UK, i am truly happy that, by the grace of Allah and with the blessings of Prophet Mohammad (PbuH), the Libyans have come out of their ordeal as free and democratic people. I cannot resist the temptation and wonder whether the old Italian influence is regenerating among new Libyans, which appeared through the presentations!'

Building on the UPF-WFWP event in the European Parliament earlier in the week, Charlotte Simon, spoke of her experience of returning to DRC when there was an invasion from Rwanda. She spoke of the suffering of women in eastern DRC who have experienced mass rapes in the lawless, war torn area. She spoke of the conflict minerals that are included in many of the laptops and mobile phones that are commonly used mined in her area of eastern Congo. She later shared:  'I want to say that the 8th of December, Peace Council , and seasonal gathering was a wonderful   event and a great opportunity of meeting quite a few people of substance doing the good work for various areas of activities or parts of the world. I was there in my capacity as part of Gongolese women’s group to raise awareness about the sexual violence in conflict areas of Eastern Congo- which also connected to conflict minerals of Congo. I had just returned from Brussels European Parliament attending  UPF Human Rights conference which was so totally amazing to bring the plight of ordinary women so horrifically treated to the attention of European Parliament was in itself a dream come true! On December 8th at the Peace Council in London I got an opportunity to see and appreciate the good works of so many other people – well done UPF bringing us all together to feel  appreciated and supported.'

Mr Ahmed Shebani - Democratic Party of Libya

Farah Jabeen shared that it had been a great day full of activism, idealism and an enthusiastic desire to make the world a better place. Roshan Ahmed said that to have so many good people who want to help the wider society made the atmosphere electrifying.

Sofia-Chezene Theophilou, founder of Family Life TV, said, 'I was so inspired. The day passed so quickly. The young people in Youth UPF, who are taking responsibility, represent hope for the future.'

There were reports and a speech regarding Libya's development. Mr Ahmed Shebani, (photo right) the Founder of the Democratic Party of Libya, spoke of his vision for Libya. He perceives the opportunity for a prosperous, fair, just and religiously tolerant and inclusive nation. He answered questions that revealed more of the contemporary situation of Libya and its relationship with its neighbours.

He was followed by Amira El-Houderi who has been involved in project called 'Destoori' to raise awareness on the local level in Libya of the democratic process of forming a constitution. She later received an Ambassador for Peace award for her effort.

Ambassador for Peace awards were presented to Imam Mohammed Arif Hansrot, Amira El-Houderi, Harun Asif, Belinda Atim, Farah Jabeen and Iyoud Daoudh.

More Reflections on the Day

Neil o'Neil shared that as one of the Youth UPF leaders the day had provided a 'great platform to talk about our work. We received good feedback. It was a skill developing opportunity in front of many professionals.'


10:00 - 11:30 Opening Session Christa Kamga - Youth UPF

Introduction Video

Welcome: Lord King of West Bromwich UPF-UK Patron

Dr Yong Cheon Song: UPF President Europe

UPF Peace Values - Jack Corley: UPF -UK Chair UK

European Leadership Council conference series

12:00 - 1:00 UPF International

HE Dr. Suresh Chandra Chalise: Ambassador of Nepal

Mark Brann UPF Europe Secretary General: UPF International Updates

Christa Kamga: Interfaith Council (Photo Right)

1:00 - 2:30 Lunch

2:30 - 4:00 UPF - UK Activities

Youth UPF - 'Evening With', Character Education and Human Rights

UPF - UK 2012 Reports

Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo: Charlotte Simon

Friends of UPF Activities in Libya:

Mr. Ahmed Shebani, Founder: Democratic Party of LibyaFarah Jabeen

Amira Al-Haderi: Lawyers for Justice in Libya 'Destoori' (“My Constitution” in Arabic)

UPF-Scotland Annual Visit to Several African Nations inc. Zambia and Uganda

Other Reports

4:00- 4:30 Ambassador for Peace Awards

Concluding Remarks



The Year 2012 Review

2012 has been a busy year in which UPF-UK has supported a series of conferences around Europe that have provided a wider forum for many of the issues we have featured in the UK in past events. The European Leadership Conference series convened in:

There have been UPF national and local events supporting United Nations Days and initiatives such as Holocaust Day, Global Interfaith Week, International Women's Day, International Family Day, UN Africa Day, International Peace Day in Oslo's Stortinget (Parliament) and Human Rights Day. There has been a continuation of the Forgiveness series of conferences that have been chaired by Rev. Dr. Marcus Braybrooke for the last five years including Marina Cantacuzino's Forgiveness Project in both events this year.