Universal Peace Federation's Annual Peace Council is the year end drawing together of Ambassadors for Peace, long standing friends of UPF and Branch Chairs etc from across the UK. Areas of activity such as the work with Young Achievers, Women's Empowerment, Family and Marriage and the Inter-relationship of Religion and Politics were all included with updates from UPF activities around the world.

A series of videos have been uploaded on Youtube and can accessed through this link Photos of the afternoon are posted here and here

Sheffield UPF Launch

The Sheffield Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Branch was launched on November 26th 2017 by Peter Ljasevits. He had been praying about setting up an interfaith type, peace dialogue group in Sheffield for a long time, maybe years. Frustrated by the lack of activities he finally chose a date and just committed himself to the event and went for it!!!  (Photo Link )

Peace Council 250Universal Peace Federation (UPF) members gathered – from around all over the UK - for the Annual Peace Council held at Lancaster Gate, in which distinguished speakers would present and speak about recent worldwide initiatives to bring about peace. Proceedings began after a festive lunch before Robin Marsh and Margaret Ali, representing the UK - UPF Secretariat, introduced the event. The first programme was a musical performance by a Mr. Bharat Korea came before he shared a humorous reflection on a recent family festival.

Weekend SeminarUniversal Peace Federation holds regular weekend seminars in the beautiful Cleeve House, nestled in the Wiltshire countryside, to reflect on building peace. Several times this has been held together with the Women's Federation for World Peace in Birmingham. In May 2017 there was a special weekend where participants found they had a profound depth of discussion and sharing of experiences among the group. (Photo Link) The next Weekend Seminar will be from October 27th to 29th.

Women of Excellence

In a joint ceremony between the All Ladies League London and the Universal Peace Federation UK, the Women of Excellence Awards featured both moving testimonies and highly accomplished ladies.  

The Universal Peace Federation - UK is very saddened to hear of the tragic events of London Bridge and Borough Market. Our thoughts and prayers must be with the families and friends of those who have lost their lives or were injured last night and in other recent incidents. It is even more sad that these indiscriminate killings were in the name of ‘Allah’. Islam is a peaceful religion but a tiny number have chosen to use terrorist violence as a misguided expression of their faith.  We must maintain the unity of the communities within the UK because within the common values that all faiths hold, as well as those who profess no faith, is the inherent strength of the United Kingdom. 




Africa Day 2017


Africa Day 2017 was a colourful and inspiring programme of speakers, music and African foods. Held at UK - UPF HQ on Saturday, May 20th, speakers from across the continent came to celebrate Africa Day. The audience were from all over the world attracted maybe by Africa's colour and enthusiasm. A video was shown of Africa Day being celebrated in New York with the former UN Secretary General HE Ban Ki Moon. (Link to Africa Day Videos ) 


Henri Pierre Koubaka


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