glasgow upf interfatih meetingHeld at Unitarian Church, Glasgow Sunday Dec 20th

Due to the weather conditions, one of the speakers withdrew his presence and yet we managed to gather 13 of us for the meeting under the topic "The Kingdom of Heaven"

The meeting started with self introductions and a sharing on "wishes for the year 2010". AFP (Ambassador for Peace) Shubha highlighted that the purpose of the meeting is for mutual sharing and understanding and that either religious or non-religious people could find some insight during the meeting.

The latest ‘Sharing for Peace’ meeting was held in the Pollokshield Community Centre, Glasgow, and focussed on the difference between a prophet and a reformer. After an introduction and presentation of the UPF 5 peace principles by Mr Jeff Allard, the Youth president of the Ahmadiyya mosque Ahmed Owusu, a cheerful and confident speaker, expounded on the principle that all prophets are reformers but not all reformers are prophets.

There was a guided meditation and discussion on ‘Spiritual Leadership’ led by Karen Szulakowska at the UPF peace embassy in London.  It was a profound evening of reflection, healing and inspiration. For more photos please follow this link. A video will be uploaded soon…. Read More...

What can we learn about pilgrimages that are common to all religions? On September 3rd we heard about jumping queues and ‘culturally determined’ mind sets that are challenged when we join a pilgrimage. Mother Theresa’s conception of a castle with seven rooms in our inner world. The entrance to each room is guarded by those who check whether you have really learned all there is to learn from that room before passing to the next. Read More ...

Professor Ursula King‘Spirituality is becoming popular. Even sociologists have become spiritual!’ said Professor Ursula King while discussing her latest book, ‘The Search for Spirituality: Our Global Quest for Meaning and Fulfillment’. She referred to a  cultural vision of spiritual oneness beyond diversity of race, nationality and religion that is evolving within the human species. It is an evolution that was not discussed by Darwin but it is happening nevertheless.

'Gustav Jung referred to a coming together of the interconnectedness of humanity.' Prof. King defined spirituality in terms of the web of life, through the relationship to oneself, to others, to the environment and the Divine Spirit, Creator or God. The growing edge of spirituality, she explained, was not under our control and therefore is full of mystery as we pass through the stages of our life. We need to educate children about spirituality because we need to know how to allow our spirit to flourish throughout the ‘dance of life’. Interfaith dialogue can enable a person to discover the spirituality within another faith. This can help us to develop both spiritual literacy and the awareness that we have great resources within us.   Photos link here


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