Universal Peace Federation UK

Inter-religious Association for Peace and Development (IAPD)

'The Role of Faith Leaders in the Response to Climate Change'

November 30th, 2021 - held online and in person.

Speakers Include:


In these unprecedented times of awareness of the state of climate change and our environment, the facts are indisputable that we have damaged our planet in a huge way. We can now see some of the efforts by Government to unite to take care of the planet are unfortunately coming too late. All people of this planet must be involved to save it. As people and leaders of faith, we are well aware of God’s intent for us to be custodians of the Earth! But alas we have polluted many of the waterways and landscapes. Our communities and congregations should be playing a key role in making sure that our children can inherit a world still preserved in God’s image.


We feel it is time for people of faith to express the voice of conscience clearly to help humanity to come to a deeper understanding of the natural world that God has given to us. While technological change is important the paradigmatic change required requires faith leaders' involvement. We are looking to illuminate how we can help reverse the rapid deterioration of our planet’s resources by reaching out to our communities to inspire them to live in balance with the planet that nurtures and sustains us. Excessive greed and inequality leads to great unhappiness and suffering. UPF promotes solutions based on 'interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values'. Ultimately those changes will need to be based on universal values that are found often in faith scriptures.