Ashoka at the Quay restaurant

UPF Glasgow Branch

This was a promotional event to showcase  the work the ‘Glasgow Peace Federation’    ( the Glasgow branch of UPF ) have been doing over the past year.

The event was held on March 29th in a very nice venue along side the Clyde. In an Indian restaurant called ‘Ashoka at the Quay ‘   

The aim was to promote dialogue, respect and understanding between the various faith communities  and also endorse the UPF five ‘Universal Principles’

There were 50 participants. A number of very good speakers, including the Development Officer of Interfaith Council and the Strathclyde Police Muslim Association, not forgetting a UPF power point presentation, given by Daresh Nahar ( AFP ).

A very good event, good food, good speakers, good host, good technical back up, good conversation, good people, a good night .