An interfaith meeting held at the Pillowshield Community Centre in Glasgow on 22nd May sought to explore the vexing question as to whether Satan actually exists.

Ms Jean Brannigan explained that from her Christian perspective the Bible was to be treated as the guideline for one’s life. From the first book of Genesis right through to the final book of Revelation there was reference to the presence of Satan forever attempting to thwart God’s intentions. Examples given included Job being attacked by Satan and Jesus being tempted by Satan. She concluded that in her opinion Satan does exist and is always there to attack the peace.

One of the Universal Peace Federation members called Arthur Gardner, whilst agreeing with Jean's assessment, said that it posed the further question as to whether Satan had existed right from the beginning of time together with God and, indeed, as to whether Satan had been created by God Himself and, if so, for what possible purpose? He challenged the audience find the answer to such a paradox and said that it was his own belief that God neither created Satan and that nor had Satan existed together with God
in the beginning.
A Muslim lady called Shamaaila explained that in her view God gave humankind the gift of peace and love and that Satan did not exist in the beginning. God first created Angels and later asked them to serve human beings yet one of the angels objected to doing so and became the fallen angel. She also pointed out that between generations many times parents fail to set a proper example yet still require children to do as they are told. She emphasised the importance of parents being able to provide positive thought and education.
Considerable discussion on the topic then took place in which some of the audience felt that Satan was a metaphor whilst other claiming that if one simply abided by a policy of being truthful at all times, everything always worked out well. Eventually those present at the meeting were able to agree on a basic common point that God had requested humankind to obey His word and that disobeying that word could have the effect of being pulled in the direction of evil. Following the discussion everybody sat in circle and prayed together for world peace.

The meeting concluded with a curry meal which had been prepared by local committee members, Taresh, Warris and Tazwana.  


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