Held at European Economic & Social Committee/European Parliament, Brussels

 "What more can Europe do to improve Human Rights"

Address of Dr Yong Cheon Song, Chair, Universal Peace Federation, Europe

Distinguished guests, Ambassadors for Peace, Ladies & Gentlemen! As Chair of Universal Peace Federation in Europe, it is truly an honour and a privilege to be able to extend a warm welcome to you all to the European Economic and Social Committee here in Brussels and to our European Leadership Conference on the theme “What more can Europe do to improve Human Rights?”

I am deeply grateful to you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to be with us here this morning and to the E.E.S.C. for acting as co-hosts of this conference and for welcoming us here to their magnificent building!

European Parliament BrusselsUniversal Peace Federation

Women's Federation for World Peace

European Economic and Social Committee

European Leadership Conference

December 4th – 5th 2012, Brussels

“How Can Europe Do More to Advance

Human Rights”

Commemorating Human Rights Day 2012

Brussels - European Parliament & European Economic and Social Committee

Kersten SchultzOslo, Norway 2012-09-22

Civilians are the victims of contemporary wars. These wars are fought against the civilians and the aim of the war is to destroy the civil society.

In WWI 10 % of the victims were civilians. That figure increased to 45% in WWII, and in contemporary wars more than 90 % of the victims are civilians.The warriors direct their guided missiles, the Drones in a safe distance from the affected civilians.

Women and children are those most exposed to violence. Rape is used as a tactic of war and the sexual violence is horrifying. In DR Congo and earlier in Rwanda HIV-infected men used rapes as a calculated violence towards the enemy. There are reports from Amnesty International stating more than 40.000 women were raped in the wars of DR Congo. Tragically, this continues, also in Kenya, Burma, Colombia and other theaters of war.


United Nations, Vienna, Austria Oct 12-13 2012


Session Two: Russia and the European Dream

Address of Dr Yong Cheon Song, Chair, Universal Peace Federation, Europe

First of all, as Chair of Universal Peace Federation in Europe I would like to extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to each and every one of you to this important conference on "Europe and Russia: Partners in a Globalised World". It is very good to see you all here today!



Dr Yong Cheon Song- Keynote addressThis conference can be seen as the direct expression of the deep concern that our beloved late Founder, Father Moon, expressed almost exactly one year ago in a surprise early morning telephone call he made to us during an event similar to this that we were holding at The U.N. in Geneva. In that phone call he expressed his heartfelt concern that Europe and Russia should work more closely together - for their mutual benefit but, even more importantly, for the peace and well being of neighbouring nations and of the entire world.

UN International Centre Vienna - ELC

Universal Peace Federation - Women’s Federation for World Peace - ACUNS Vienna

European Leadership Conference

Europe and Russia – Partners in a Globalised World”

October 12thand 13th, 2012

Vienna International Centre (U.N.Building) & NH Danube City Hotel



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