BERLIN - November 15-17

Wie soll das Europa der Zukunft aussehen?


Suggested Themes
1. The economic/financial crisis: what needs to be corrected 

  • principles of social market economy (catholic social teaching versus socialism,)
  • Some think that the market is the invisible hand (A. Smith), the almost divine principle which should guide and control everything, while others think we should be very circumspect in liberalising the market and should only liberalise it where absolutely necessary
  • The dual purpose in everything as an answer to A. Smith and Hume
2. The political crisis
  • The disenchantment with politics and political parties (imagine there are elections, but nobody wants to participate) Parteienforscher, Politkwissenschaftler
  • How centralized or decentralized should Europe be? (Subsidiarity versus a central state in Brussels, or united states of Europe or union of Fatherlands) Europapolitiker, Verfassungsrechtler
  • The Family as a model for Europe (one family under God)

3. The crisis of values

  • The decline of christian values and the ideal of the family
  • "The situation of the family sooner or later becomes the situation of the nation" A.Kolping
  • Jürgen Liminski, Christine Haderthauer, Erwin Teufel
  • Family mainstreaming instead of Gender mainstreaming
  • What values are indispensable and where do we find them?


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