AbdulBasith Mr AbdulBasith SyedIbrahim was recognised with an Ambassador for Peace Award for following in the footsteps of his grandfather - who, among other things, was a freedom fighter, back in his homeland of India. “I want to follow his legacy,” he said, “I’m both proud and honoured to support young children in India.” Mr Basit’s own trust organisation aims to help young orphans and provide them with welfare, regardless of their religious background. “We are born from the same blood and flesh, so there should be no boundaries,” Mr Basit added. In regard to receiving the award, he said: “This award gives me a lot of encouragement for what I do and it motives me to do more, thank you UPF”. Currently, Mr Basit is working on a project to provide life-saving medicine to children in Myanmar.

UPF Weekend Study Principles of Peace“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”, recommended one of the Ambassadors for Peace (AFP), a head teacher at a London School who took part in the Winter Universal Peace Federation (UPF) – weekend to study Peace Principles at Cleeve House, in Wiltshire, over 16-18th of January.

Jamil Eniola AFP Award

An Ambassador for Peace Award was presented to Mr Jamil O. Eniola, for his work in his home country of Nigeria. Mr Eniola founded the HEN Foundation which offers basic education, health care and, most importantly, empowerment, to young children in Nigeria. “We want to give them responsibility,” said Mr Eniola, “Everyone wants to restore their own dignity to, for example, take their family out of poverty.” Mr Eniola shared how he strives to be a peace-maker which is why UPF’s vision resonates with him. “Peace wants nothing,” he said, “We must understand each other as brothers and sisters.” He is deeply grateful that UPF have recognised his efforts in aiming to bring about peace. On looking to the future, he said: “My main ambition is to become someone who can make a positive impact and leave a legacy for others to follow.”

BEFFTA AwardCharlotte Simon received a BEFFTA award from Pauline Long for her work with Mothers of Congo. Both are UPF Ambassadors for Peace. In her award speech she decried the sexual violence in DRC saying 8 million are estimated to have been raped in the last 20 years.


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