Mother's Empowerment in Recovering Society: Celebrating Mother’s Day

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Mother's Empowerment in Recovering Society: Celebrating Mother’s Day

This was a 'Successful Mothers' collaboration with Universal Peace Federation UK that provided a moving programme emphasising the role and wisdom of mothers and the importance of family. There was a strong contingent of Albanians both in the audience and addressing the conference. The high value of the family within Albanian culture was highlighted by Teuta Avdyli and Merita Isufi. Journalist and broadcaster, Ian Pelham-Turner, expressed his admiration for the values he had found in Albania and his appreciation for the role of mothers in general and the women in the audience.  


The theme of the evening was: "Mothers Empowerment in Recovering Society" which bring together mothers, writers, speakers, activists from different communities here in Great Britain. Our goal is to create harmony in the community by creating the atmosphere that everyone wants to join in. We believe passionately that we need to hear more about mothers, the power of their spoken words, and their strengths, so more of us are empowered.

Robin Marsh and Margaret - open the evening and invite

Merita Isufi: Founder of 'Successful Mothers' - 10 min

  1. Ian Pelham Turner - Global Television Commentator / Journalist / Specialised in commentating on the Royal Family, Politics and Community affairs. Specialised in community engagement and bridge-building with diverse communities  
  1. Elham Fardad: Founder and CEO of Migrant Leaders
  1. Aida Haziri - Teacher and Professional Language Trainer
  1. Margaret Ali: Director of UPF – UK         
  1. Teuta Avdyli: Author of 'Legacy of Love' and Parenting Mentor - And now to hear more about the success of mothers and how to overcome adversities, I would like to invite the founder of ‘Legacy of Love’ my great friend and colleague Teuta Avdyli
  1. Zoom - Anfisa Polyushkevych
  1. Nexhi Hasani
  1. Anila Hoxha Gjermeni
  1. Panel speakers – The importance of Mothers’ wellbeing

Rema Duli - Service Manager, Senior at mental health and wellbeing service.  

Rainela Xhemollari - Family Therapist

Nora Abdullahu Kastrati - Parent Programme Officer and Community Development Project Leader at British Albanian Kosovar Council (BACK)

Lediana Paja - Journalist and Coordinator at Shpresa Programme.

‘Successful Mothers’ is an organization in the interest of the community, which is making a positive impact on society. This organization creates experiences that bring people together with innovative thinkers who are making real difference with their work. It brings together individuals who are interested in talking and sharing their experiences, so that we can move forward with clarity in goals, inspiring action and fostering change for the better in society!

Peace ambassador award

Nora Abdullahu Kastrati

Founder and owner of NAK - Life and Personal Performance Coach & Executive Coach, and Community Development Leader at British Albanian Kosovar Council based in London. She is a mother of 3 beautiful children, with a positive outlook on life and believe in healthy lifestyle, speak 5 Languages and love travelling. In 1999, she had to leave her country because of the war in Kosova, left her studies, her job and everything behind to be in a safe place. Nora moved to London knowing very few people and hardly any English, but now she helps hundreds and hundreds of people, families, parents, young people, and couple relationships to achieve success.

Nora completed her degree in Media and Education at London Metropolitan University, and multiple language and training courses specializing in different things from family wellbeing to personal counselling. Based on her experience and qualifications she takes a positive, holistic approach to the mental health and well - being of children young people and their families. She works with schools, with children, parents and teachers, NHS staff to achieve their potential through helping them set and achieve their goals. Nora coached children and families who do not need therapy but would benefit from coaching for other difficulties such as worries, exam stress, low self-esteem, low mood, parent/child relationship, confidence, family/friendship difficulties. This is achieved through managing mind-set, health and lifestyle/work. She is specialised in Motivational Parameters, Parental Skills, Anger / Conflict Management, Relationship Skills, Emotional Welfare, Couples Relationships, Parent-Child Relationships.

Aida Haziri

Aida studied BA (Honours) English Language and Literature also Arts and Humanities at Open University. She is a professional Language Trainer and Lead Teacher delivering Albanian Language Training to FCDO students. She works for Ardhmeria and other supplementary schools, teaching classes of 20 children, developing lesson plans, school timetables and teaching materials. In addition she obtained paid and voluntary experience assisting and organising the National Conference at the British Museum, and leading projects for Ardhmeria funded by John Lions.

 Lediana Pajaj

Lediana Pajaj is a Women’s Advocate at Shpresa Programme, a charity that works with over 2,000 Albanian speaking refugees and migrants each year to foster integration and to support men, women and children, enabling them to contribute to the communities in which they now live and work. Lediana volunteered for Shpresa for two years doing an intensive work during COVID in helping families hard to reach and in desperate need, accessing support, emergency services, training and information. She believes in what she does because nothing is more important than giving your contribution for other people to get the help needed, strive, get empowered and integrate with dignity. She strongly believes that, what everyone needs is an opportunity to do what they can do best and that no one should suffer in silence.

 Lediana is also working as a Health and Safety Officer for Right Choice Services, a company that works with young people leaving the care system. Lediana is inspired daily by her family and friends back in Albania, her partner, friends and colleagues in UK and especially by Luljeta Nuzi, CEO of Shpresa Programme who has been her mentor and friend since day one they met.

Ian Pelham Turner

Ian has been a journalist and TV broadcaster now for the past 55 years. In recent times he worked across the world with major broadcasters promoting the values of communities in Britain highlighting support for young people and their ideas, businesses in general, female causes and trying to create peace and harmony in this country. His avid wish is that every person in Britain feels like a first class citizen.

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