9th Anniversary of Father Moon's Ascension and UPF's 16th Anniversary

Co-Founder of Universal Peace Federation, Father Sun Myung Moon, 9th Ascension Anniversary

16th Anniversary of the Universal Peace Federation

On September 9th there was held an online seminar to commemorate the anniversary of Father Moon's Ascension and the 16th Anniversary of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF).  (Video of the conference can be seen here)

Rev Dr David Hanna, Northern Europe Region UPF President, presented a few key snapshots of Father Moon's life to highlight for the audience. His role as a teacher talking with many groups of people sometimes in simple settings. Father Moon's early experiences with Jesus that were key moments of his life. His efforts to explain his insight and understanding which are beyond most people as simple concepts. These photos presented some key points of Father Moon's life without following the year-by-year chronology. Rev. Hanna also selected Father Moon's meeting with the prominent Islamic leader, Sheikh Ahmed Kuftaro, and embracing President Kim Il Sung in Pyongyang that was a dramatic moment in Father as well as Mother Moon's lives. He also selected a photo of Father officiating the marriage Blessing with Mother Moon while explaining the significance to Father Moon of marriage and family. Carole Stone CBE, Patron of UPF-UK, focussed on the good work of the UK branch of UPF that became a charity two years ago. She spoke of its valued role as a forum for people to share diverse views and perspectives while maintaining a respectful attitude to those who hold different views. She appreciated UPF's emphasis on family given her own family experience. She particularly noted the wisdom of her mother that guided her family through life's ups and downs.    

Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE FRSA, was the next speaker. It was announced that she had agreed to become a Patron of UPF-UK. Carole Stone and others expressed their delight at this news. Dr Thompson is well known for her promotion of diversity and women's entrepreneurship in particular from minority backgrounds. She first experienced UPF at an event in UK followed by a seminar in Korea with many others in the early 2000's. She had seen the founders of UPF at that time, even before UPF existed. She really valued the work that UPF does to promote harmony in the world. 

It was expressed during the online conference that the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) had come a long way since its inception in 2005. The inaugural global tour by the co-founders, Father and Mother Moon, established a momentum that has continued through the years. Along the way UPF received a General Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations only shared by 140 other global NGOs. UPF – UK has received charitable status approximately one year ago.

Last year was Father Moon's centenary. There were several major events such as the World Summit in February 2020 to highlight this centenary year and to further explain his vision for building an extensive culture of peace. Father Moon's inaugural UPF speeches were rooted in this vision of a world that recognises its interdependence, seeks to build mutual prosperity based on universal shared values aligned with God who loves us all equally, as one family of humanity. The website www.thelegacyoflove.org provides more information about the centenary and the successive Rallies of Hope.

Other speakers included Dr Ollie Davies and Mrs Elham Fardad. 

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