UN International Day of Peace: UPF - UK with Duchess Nivin El-Gamal of Lamberton

United Nations’ International Day of Peace with Duchess Nivin El-Gamal of Lamberton

2023 Theme: Actions for Peace: Our Ambition for the #Global Goals

Universal Peace Federation - UK

Photos of the event https://bit.ly/3tl1cVS 

September 21st at 43 Lancaster Gate, London, W2 3NA.

There was an extraordinary gathering celebrating the United Nations International Day of Peace. This event was an enchanting evening filled with classical melodies, thought-provoking speeches, and the chance to unite with like-minded individuals who share a profound desire for peace, hope, and harmony. Renowned soprano Marisa Di Muro graced the evening with a captivating performance, enveloping our hearts in the essence of the culture of peace.

Together, we embraced the ideals of peace, understanding, and unity that this day represents. It's a chance for us to come together as a community and illuminate the path toward a more harmonious world. Around the world different Universal Peace Federation branches will be highlighting this important day. Our goal is to foster understanding and explore solutions that can heal divides and build bridges among nations.

Duchess Nivin ElGamal of Lamberton designed a Peace Award to recognise the efforts of over 20 remarkable people. Starting with the renowned Bahraini actress, Amira Mohammed, awardees included Great Britain contestant Danielle Baron, former supermodel Christina Estrada, Linda Topping, Lady Jane Welsh, former Three-Star General and Senator, Lt. Gen. Abdul Qayyum, TUV SUD CEO Mr Salah Safar, and Yasmin Al-Atroshi, a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate who is seeking to be the first woman MP from a Kurdish background. 

Ms. Dyna Fayz, a dynamic TV presenter in both Arabic and English was the MC for the evening. The programme began with 'Opening Remarks' from Duchess Nivin ElGamal of Lamberton who was the initiator of the evening. Robin Marsh, Secretary General of Universal Peace Federation UK, gave a short introduction to UPF with Margaret Ali, Director of UPF UK and then also received special awards from Duchess Nivin. Dr Mike Balcomb, President of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification of Europe and Middle East as well as UPF advisor, spoke next and also received a peace award. There was a zoom presentation from the German United Nations Association representative Mr. Armin Mostoffi Kamari and a short talk from Mr Murad Qureshi, who is a former London Assembly Member.  Nic Careem, the founder of the Blue Sky Network, spoke of his search for peace and advocacy to diminish the arms trade. He showed a video that he had made many years ago but he believed still had relevance because of the challenges to peace the current world faces. 

There were many others who are not listed here but whose presence was highly appreciated and with whom we look forward to future collaborations in the cause of peace. 



UPF Statement on UN International Day of Peace 2023

UPF International—The Universal Peace Federation enthusiastically affirms the United Nations International Day of Peace 2023 theme of “Actions for Peace: Our Ambition for the #GlobalGoals.”

We know intuitively that human actions are linked to the world of the mind, the world of thoughts, ideas, information, values, emotions, and desires. Throughout history, systems and practices of education have been developed in order to cultivate the higher capacities of human beings. Through education we develop skills, knowledge, and, hopefully, insight and wisdom. If peace is to be achieved, it will emerge on the foundation of education that gives rise to an awareness of the benefits and values of peace, in comparison to the disadvantages of conflict and war.

Human conflict and the resort to arms and weapons have their roots in the breakdown of human relationships and the failure to live up to our highest ideals and aspirations. Violence is a symptom of a moral and spiritual failure. If we are to eliminate violence and weapons of mass destruction, we must commit ourselves to a moral and spiritual awakening.

Lasting peace is secured not only through the reduction of weapons and arsenals but, more importantly, by the growth in solidarity among the whole human family and a recognition that we are all brothers and sisters who share a common spiritual and moral heritage. We are one family under God. It is this understanding that gives rise to the collective will to put an end to violent conflict. With increasing spiritual awareness, there emerges a great collective will to ensure the well-being of all people.

As such, we should advance the universal values found in the teachings of all the world’s great religions. Therefore, UPF emphasizes that world peace can be fully accomplished only when the wisdom and efforts of the world's religious leaders work cooperatively and respectfully with national leaders who have much practical wisdom.

Laws alone cannot bring about political, economic, and social reforms but must be undergirded by the promotion of character education, conflict resolution, and a culture of peace. Men and women who are taught to fulfill their moral obligations and responsibilities toward others will respect and live for the greater good and fulfillment of others.

On this International Day of Peace, let us all raise up our voices for peace, and let us work together to build a world that resembles our shared hopes and aspirations. 

This statement was released separately from the meeting we held in London but encapsulates the values upheld by Universal Peace Federation across the world.  



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