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The World Environment Day Programme on the 8th of June, organized by the Universal Peace Federation UK, in 43 Lancaster Gate, London, featured a thought-provoking presentation20230608 185014 Eliyahtsoor 450 by Eliyahtsoor Ben Aaharon and Dr Yehoeshahfaht Ben Israel on the 'Impact of Plastic.' This event aimed to shed light on the environmental challenges posed by the excessive production and consumption of plastic, aligning with the theme of World Environment Day 2023. (See programme video

Eliyahtsoor Ben Aaharon, Brotherhood Chairman of African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem – British Isles, (see video has dedicated himself to extensive research and eco-engineering projects in Africa, focusing on ecologically sustainable solutions. With a wealth of practical experience spanning over 50 years, Eliyahtsoor offers solution-oriented ideas to restore balance to our environments and lives. He reminded us that decades ago there was a slogan, ‘Life on Earth is killing us’. We are consuming and swamped by plastics, oil pollution, asbestos, and many other carcinogens. The earth is a living thing and it can heal itself. We saw that during the Covid – 19 lockdowns. He volunteered in an organic farm to have experience in making food correctly. This World Environment Day focussed on plastic pollution and Eliyahtsoor highlighted the damage that plastic has inflicted on individuals, cities, the ocean, as well as the countryside ecosystems. Plastic was seen as a great development to improve our economies and to replace more expensive items he explained. Now we are hearing the pervasive damage that plastic has inflicted upon our world and our economies.

Eliyahtsoor promoted a change of lifestyle in which the easiest, cheapest, choices are not taken but the choice that is sustainable and more in harmony with the nature around us. 


During his speech (see video, Dr Yehoeshahfaht Ben Israel, highlighted the staggering statistics associated with plastic production. He revealed that a staggering 400,000,000 tons of plastic are manufactured legally each year, contributing to the ever-growing issue of plastic pollution. The impact of this pollution is not limited to visible plastic waste; it also involves the consumption of microplastics. The audience was startled to learn that on average, each person consumes approximately 50,000 micro-particles of plastic annually, which can enter the body through various means, including inhalation. Dr Ben Israel emphasized the lack of knowledge regarding the long-term effects of such plastic consumption on human health. To illustrate the magnitude of the issue, he compared the weight of these microplastics consumed to 2,200 Eiffel Towers, underlining the immense scale of the problem.

Moreover, Dr Ben Israel drew attention to the themes of previous World Environment Days, demonstrating that despite the recognition and focus on these issues, they have yet to be adequately resolved. He criticized the language of business, which he described as insensitive to nature and highlighted the interconnectedness of human beings with the environment. He stressed that humanity's existence is deeply intertwined with nature, drawing an analogy between the guidelines required to make a phone work and the rules governing the natural world. Just as one must adhere to the guidelines to ensure a phone functions properly, humanity must follow the laws of nature to maintain a sustainable and thriving planet.


Water emerged as a pre-eminent concern during the presentation. Dr Ben Israel emphasized that water sources are critical to human survival, considering that the human body is composed of approximately 75-80% water. Proper management of nature and its resources is essential for ensuring the longevity of both the environment and human life. Neglecting this responsibility may have adverse consequences, shortening human lifespans.

In conclusion, Dr Yehoeshahfaht Ben Israel's presentation on the 'Impact of Plastic' during the UPF World Environment Day Programme shed light on the detrimental effects of plastic pollution and emphasized the urgent need for responsible action. His thought-provoking insights highlighted the interconnectedness of humanity and nature, emphasizing the importance of following the rules of nature to ensure a sustainable future. This event served as a call to action for individuals, businesses, and policymakers to prioritize environmental preservation and mitigate the impact of plastic on the planet.


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