Dr Raheem Khan (right)

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) - UK requests Ambassadors for Peace and friends to remember Dr Abdul Raheem Khan in their prayers. Dr Khan was a Director of the Universal Peace Federation - UK and a keen supporter of its activities. He participated in a number of U.P.F. conferences in Korea, Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, and around Europe. He was a passionate advocate for interfaith activity to overcome misunderstandings. He was an enthusiastic supporter of UPF's Middle East Peace Initiative. 

Pauline Long - Presented With An Ambassador For Peace Award

Pauline Long received an Ambassador for Peace award during the programme. She is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, fashion designer, motivational speaker, and music video director with over 25 awards. She is also the founder of Europe’s biggest award for black and ethnic personalities in entertainment, film, fashion, television and arts- BEFFTA. Named African woman of the year in UK and listed in Black Women in Europe Power List. She’s a TV presenter on The Pauline Long Show SKY 182. She also nominated two of the Youth Achievement Awardees, Jermain Jackman and Keith Matthews Ssewamala.

Lord DholakiaVirendra Sharma MP, who was hosting the event in the House of Commons on February 4th, was in Primary School when he first knew Lord King who lived in the next village. 'As a party official when I was visiting the Midlands on party business I always stayed at their house. He would say 'stay overnight, have a good breakfast and leave in the morning'. If anyone came to him for advice he was always there to help. (Photo Link)

Rt. Hon. Tom Brake regretted that one often finds out much more about the good that someone has done at a Memorial Service when it is too late. 'The contact I had with Lord King was through the work he did with the Universal Peace Federation. That organisation tries to bring faiths together from all over the world and make them work together. This effort is a strong testament to his strength to bring people with different views together to find common sense solutions that benefit us all. He will be greatly missed in Parliament and in the central role that he performed at the Universal Peace Federation. I am sure that his legacy will continue in that multi-faith work and we will all benefit from it for years to come.'

Core Ambassador for Peace Meeting

A monthly core Ambassador for Peace evening held last night considered the role of the traditional family. Robin Marsh and Margaret Ali considered the significance of the lessons and experience of Godly families to long term peace.

Lord Tarsem King's SpeechLord Tarsem King of West Bromwich passed away yesterday. He was Universal Peace Federation (UPF) - UK Patron and a UPF Presiding Council Member. He was a  fatherly man who was willing to support a wide range of good causes. He believed in interfaith dialogue and activities as a way to remove misunderstandings and allow human relationships to grow that would facilitate community cohesion. Lord King spoke about this issue numerous times in the UK, in a conference in Tel Aviv, Israel or in visits to South Korea. With his help many other groups were supported to develop humanitarian platforms such as MonCher, an organisation to help Mongolian Street Children, Association for the Development of Mongolian Women in Europe and the British Chinese Accounting Association who support the Love Bridge to assist Chinese orphans.

Dr BK Modi Ambassador for Peace AwardDr Bhupendra Kumar Modi was presented with an Ambassador for Peace award yesterday at the conclusion of a days conference of the Global Citizen Forum (GCF) in the Dorchester Hotel, London. Dr Modi is a renowned businessman and philanthropist. He is the global Chairman of Spice Global. (Event Photo link)

Amira El Houderi AFPAmira El-Houderi is currently working with an independent non-governmental organisation called Lawyers for Justice in Libya on an exciting project called Destoori (“My Constitution” in Arabic) that aims to educate Libyan citizens on the constitution making process. This is to gather public opinion, and to create a connection and sense of ownership between the Libyan people and their constitution. 'Our aim is to collect statements from the citizens and incorporate them into our recommendations for the appointed Constitutional Drafting Committee. We hope that these recommendations will provide the Constitutional Drafting Committee with guidance and insight into citizens’ needs and concerns in order to incorporate and elevate the weight of public opinion. Our Destoori team are travelling to many Libyan cities and towns at the moment.'


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