Lawrence Al-Atroshi AFP AwardLawrence Al-Atroshi has been actively involved with UNICEF, Christian Aid, Islamic Relief and the Bazrazni foundation in Kurdistan, North of Iraq. He is also involved with the Kurdish Government by trying to support the current health system by offering his skills and experience, targeting the poor. He has been working in the medical sector both in the UK and in Kurdistan to care for humanity.

Cllr Manji KaraCllr. Manji Kara - Presented with the Ambassador for Peace award on the 21st July 2011

I come from a religious and a sound family background. I am married with two grown up successful sons. The joint Hindu family concept and multi faith community in India and Kenya, where as I was brought up, instilled strong community sense and duty. I may be one of the few Hindus who could claim to be educated in Muslim Schools staffed by mainly Christian teachers.  Being brought up in an environment where different communities and cultures coexist in peace and harmony is a great beginning to the journey of life.

Andreas Bachofner receiving an Ambassador for Peace AwardAndreas Bachofner, a Trustee of Children's Relief Bethlehem UK, was presented with an Ambassador for Peace award for his charitable work during the Universal Peace Federation - UK Peace Council on July 3rd 2010. Andreas gave a talk about the Caritas Baby Hospital, Bethlehem's important work for maternal and children's health in the West Bank. (For further information link)


An Ambassador for Peace

Eighteen years ago I had a life changing vision. Through this vision I saw a violent world being turned into a peaceful one, by the spread of inspirational peace messages. The simplicity of the vision made it all the more powerful, as it left the problems of politics behind and concentrated on the underlying wish of the majority of the people. I was receiving messages that seemed too profound to waste, and seemed to have a destiny attached to them, one that would transform my life and hopefully many others. In this document I set out my thoughts and aspirations for a better world using a selection of these messages.

My dream is larger than life
So powerful it is awe inspiring
So real it is reality
So intense it numbs all else
So simple it seems naïve
So necessary it defies ridicule
So peaceful it is all conquering

'This is no dream'

©  William Royce 

Nicolette de Burford presented with an Ambassador for Peace AwardNicolette de Burford was presented with an Ambassador for Peace award by Lord King, Margaret Ali and Robin Marsh. Nicolette is passionate about interfaith and environment issues.

'It was a lovely surprise and honour to be made an Ambassador for Peace! With the love of God, I will always strive to be this.

Thank you so much!

I must say that I love coming to your events and meeting the people that attend them. I have made some very positive contacts and I believe that some wonderful joint good work will come from them.

Coming to the UPF events has made all the difference to my life in London, and maybe one day I will have a moment to tell you how much I feel at home with the idea of One Family under God and how I found peace and identity in many different faiths.'

Murtaza Shibli recieves an Ambassador for Peace AwardMurtaza Shibli, Editor 7/7: Muslim Perspectives

Murtaza Shibli was born and brought up on the Indian side of Kashmir. He has worked as a journalist, security consultant and aid worker. As a journalist he has interviewed scores of resistance guerrilla leaders in Kashmir including some Afghan jihad veterans. In his most previous job he was Public Affairs and Media Officer of the Muslim Council of Britian. He is the editor of ‘7/7: Muslim Perspectives’ that reveals the experiences of Muslims in the aftermath of the July 7th 2005 tragic suicide bombing in London.  As a five year on review it has allowed the reappraisal of the victimisation of the Muslim community by parts of the UK press. He is  currently working on a music album in his mother tongue ‘Koshur’.

Dr Hari Shukla OBE Ambassador for Peace awardDr Hari Shukla OBE was presented with an Ambassador for Peace award by Lord King of West Bromwich on July 3rd during the UPF Peace Council in London. Dr Shukla has pioneered the 'City of Peace' movement in Newcastle in a lifetime of community cohesion activities.


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