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Eighteen years ago I had a life changing vision. Through this vision I saw a violent world being turned into a peaceful one, by the spread of inspirational peace messages. The simplicity of the vision made it all the more powerful, as it left the problems of politics behind and concentrated on the underlying wish of the majority of the people. I was receiving messages that seemed too profound to waste, and seemed to have a destiny attached to them, one that would transform my life and hopefully many others. In this document I set out my thoughts and aspirations for a better world using a selection of these messages.

My dream is larger than life
So powerful it is awe inspiring
So real it is reality
So intense it numbs all else
So simple it seems naïve
So necessary it defies ridicule
So peaceful it is all conquering

'This is no dream'

©  William Royce 

I began to realise the incredible power of a few well chosen words, and saw the positive reaction to those I sent to prominent individuals and organisations from the acknowledgements received. Simple self -evident things took on a new meaning, the fact that the difference between war and peace could be purely in the arrangement of similar words.

‘All the words needed to create peace are in the dictionary, we have only to arrange them in the right order’

William Royce

Thinking about the huge problem of bringing peoples of infinitely different backgrounds, cultures, and religions together, raised the possibility of having some sort of moral code from birth that was possible to strive for and attain. It is harder to condition someone who has set a moral code for their life early on, even if that code was imprinted on them at birth.

It would not be reasonable to expect anyone to hold to something that had either been forced on them, or that was anything other than peaceful, but few could argue against words that held positive character building qualities aimed at making the world a better place to live. It was with this in mind that the following words came to me, in my minds eye I saw these words above the heads of all new born, and being passed to them later to reflect on -

This is my oath as I am born

To strive for peace or be forlorn

To leave this world proud of my name

And a better place than when I came

©   William Royce

The world has grown so complicated, that we can soon become conditioned to live out our lives without real purpose, we see actions around us that displease us but feel powerless to help make the necessary changes. We are caught up like draining water spinning ever faster until it disappears, unable to hold or reverse what is happening. It is evident for all who are interested, that mankind is making a mess of his environment to such a degree that even without the doom mongers, it seems likely that our present course has nothing but disaster stamped on it.

We are increasingly burdened by legacies of past generations intent on extracting the maximum for themselves from a planet of finite resources. This generation has been left with a legacy that must be changed before it is passed on again, we are at the turning point in the history of mankind and the world we live in. The responsibility now rests with everyone to ensure the survival of our environment even in our own lifetimes, let alone for those who follow us. The huge cost of wars can be measured not only in suffering, but also by the detriment to the environment. We must seek to channel our resources into all that is positive and away from all that is negative.


Everyone together, peace for all mankind

The start of a new era

Where bright eyes lead the blind

The earth returns its bounty

For everyone to see

And the seed of peace will grow

From just an acorn to a tree.


William Royce

It may be the case that pride does not allow the coming together of opposing factions, but pride serves no purpose if the result is not that desired. Sometimes this mindset will involve many years of conflict which sees the innocents drawn in, and as they have never had the chance to experience anything other than warfare, they are conditioned to think as their parents, the conflict not allowing any other thought other than that their side is right. Can it be right to expose children starting out in life to such an existence, no matter the cause? Every possible peaceful solution should be sought without loss of face, due to the wish to bring the chance for all to be able to resume a meaningful life.


Some fights must end in such a way no victor will be sought

Then from ensuing dialogue a lasting peace is brought

Those who have been born into uncertainty and fear

Will cherish every hour as if it were a year

Others who have taken sides believing they were right

Will recognise the hope in ending such a fight

And all who’ve held a dream that peace would come their way

Will stand together friend or foe in friendship from this day


William Royce

The power for change is within all of us if we have the belief that we can make a difference however small, we all have something that drives us on, it may be our religion or something intangible that makes us who we are, in any event if we summon that power it will enable us to achieve things we thought impossible. First we must have a true goal that makes total sense, we cannot fool ourselves fighting for something that has no real value, each of us arrived here for a purpose, when you look at the synergy of everything on this planet, how could we have been brought here for no purpose? Ask yourself this question, then free your mind to see where it leads you, somewhere waiting to be found is your destiny, it is too important to lie idle for here will be the goal that will give the purpose to your life.

The power of faith may be intangible, but the effect of such belief is indestructible


William Royce

We all have the capacity to dream, and in our wildest dreams we imagine a world far from the one we have, it may be a wish for ourselves, our family, or our friends, it will be something wondrous, something we can imagine but not see, but something nonetheless that our imagination allows us to see for a moment before snatching it away and returning us to normality. These dreams spring from a wish to change our lives for the better, this is one of my wishes –


I wish that all the world was mine

I held it in my hand

Then it would be just up to me

To bring peace to this land

And then there’d be no question

There’d be nothing left to fear

As peaceful days brought peaceful months

And then a peaceful year



I wrote the following verse for someone who was an icon, and who had through her following around the world, the power to make a change by devotees following her actions. I imagined this person known to have a great affinity with children standing with a child either side of her, beckoning people to come forward in the name of peace


Peace marks the spot where I will stand

With open arms and outstretched hand

To welcome those who for peace have fought

But have seen their dream yet come to nought

This word that has a gentle ring

Must be the one that we all sing

Must be the dream that cannot cease

The dream of everlasting peace


William Royce

There is much to be gained from any challenge, but the challenge to save even one life should carry with it the ultimate reward, for nothing could be more important. Human nature makes us susceptible to irrational behaviour, but when the dust settles rational thinking may bring with it an unforeseen outcome.

In the heat of the moment we may make a new enemy, but in the passing of time we may make a new friend.


William Royce

We have no doubt asked ourselves the question ‘What are we doing here’, even without the answer, it must seem obvious that we did not get put here to live a meaningless life, with the only intention of destroying all we can before we leave!

We have been given a chance to experience whatever it is we want out of our time on this earth, our choice will determine how we see the world and how the world sees us. If we take without giving anything back, our actions if not affecting us in our lifetime, will surely impact others in theirs. We continue to exist not because of previous generations restraint, more because their lack of restraint has not quite finished the job! We may be thankful that there have been, and hopefully always will be enough people who care about leaving a positive legacy, and do not think only of their own desires.

The world owes me nothing

Except the chance to live

I owe the world nothing

Except the chance to survive


William Royce

From time to time, major steps forward are seen in the peace process, that give us hope for the future. Heads of governments shake hands on agreements that they hope will endure and create the basis for lasting peace, these efforts are to be admired if there is any real potential for the plan to work, however it comes back to the point of making decisions for the people and on behalf of the people. My feeling is that with the intricate political problems surrounding most agreements, they are more likely to fail than succeed on the grounds that the protagonists of the violence will not have had their mindsets changed by a paper agreement and handshake between leaders alone. The real chance for lasting peace comes from the ground roots up to those able to ratify the agreement, without the collective agreement of all concerned there will always be an undercurrent liable to flair again. If those involved in violence on both sides could have the right messages circulated giving rise to similar thinking, then the  political process and achievement would carry more weight and certainty.

I submitted this piece, which was acknowledged by a world leader following his efforts at successfully concluding a major peace agreement, the last verse is particularly relevant –


Take this hand of freedom

A hand that is there by choice

Hold this hand of friendship

And listen to my voice

Let me be the peacemaker

Let the light of peace shine through

Let us rid this world of anger

And let us start anew

Take this hand of freedom

See the offer that it makes

Hold on until we see it through

However much it takes

And when we reach our goal

And the sound of war is gone

Let us not take pen to paper

But carve this peace in stone.


William Royce

It is natural that we should want to fight for our freedom and our beliefs, but the use of weapons only invites and endorses the same use by our perceived enemy. The result of violence is more violence, and inevitably a lengthening of any conflict due to the time taken to heal physical and mental wounds. However strong our words may be, they will not inflict physical wounds, and therefore the door remains open for a return to status quo.


We will blunt the sword of freedom

And sharpen up our tongues

And let any wounds inflicted

Be only from our lungs

For words can penetrate the mind

And keep alive our heart

But weapons are designed to maim

And keep us all apart


William Royce

Through our ability to visualise likely outcomes we are well aware of the trauma we are likely to inflict when embarking on the course of violence in whatever form. For this reason every avenue possible must be exploited, and violence only be resorted to under extreme provocation when in defensive mode. Both sides of a quarrel will normally have equal potential of thought if not power, it is this potential that has to be realised and brought into play. The simplest solutions often require the most determination, for one is not looking to crush an opponent, rather to reach an understanding.

We are empowered by vision and driven by determination.


William Royce

However impossible the goal may seem, in the end it will probably be seen as the preferred option, but by this time untold carnage might have ensued, along with lasting damage to the environment. Sometimes our confidence does not allow us to think of the fact that often when we win we lose. There is little point in defeating an enemy at a higher cost than they might have inflicted in the first place, and as this is true for both sides, we should not give up on the peaceful solution.

Let us not be defeated by the thought of Peace


William Royce

Wars take no account of age or innocence. They spread their wings to reach anyone in their way. No matter the cause nothing can warrant the indiscriminate harming of young children on the threshold of what should be an enlightening and fulfilling life. The bewilderment on innocent faces should be enough to dampen any enthusiasm for further violence, but all too often it seems that young and old alike have to suffer a torment nothing short of torture to make way for the ideals of those who are happy to talk peace whilst making war.


War comes like a wind

That is blowing hot and cold

Where the young die young

And the old die old

Snuffed out like a candle

That had much more light to give

Some flicker till the darkness comes

And they have no more life to live

It takes away the souls of those

Who fight for their just cause

It robs the innocent of innocence

As to its web it draws

No life is safe on either side

Whilst anger breathes its fire

And the wind that’s blowing hot and cold

Has no intention to retire

But the candle may be lit again

To brighten this dark hour

And through a flame of trust

The light of peace will war devour


William Royce

Perhaps when our need for power for powers sake has been replaced by a wish to live in harmony, understanding others problems and sharing our good fortune, we will truly know the meaning of life. Everything we need is here in abundance if we do not squander it, we should not have to fight for that which was given freely for all to enjoy. It is up to us to seek out the world we wish to live in and turn our backs on the dark episodes that have formed so much of our history. Does history repeat itself? Well yes, if we let it, but we do not have to accept the notion that because we have always had wars there will always be wars, disagreements of course, and strong ones no doubt, but to call ourselves civilised and then fight like animals, mocks the incredible advances we have made that show what mankind is capable of.


Those who seek will one day find

That violence can be left behind

The anger that was sure to last

Will somehow seem to form the past

Where images of hurt and pain

Are locked away and will remain

To never reappear in mind

Replaced by thoughts of a peaceful kind


William Royce

We must constantly be looking for words that will inspire us away from the very thought of violence, I believe that along with the potential of using widespread calming messages to almost lull us into that way of thinking, so gradually our initial thoughts would subconsciously be towards peace, there is much to be gained from utilising inspirational messages within the speeches of world leaders. There have been many over the years, but so often they have been used as a rousing call to war, powerful speeches can work wonders, but now we want to ensure that they a call for peace, and the coming together of all nations. The following message is an example –

‘I sense the dawning of a new era, the spirit of a new beginning, and the power of a new friendship. The brightness of this moment will leave the shadow of the past, and peace the mirage that is our dream, will become an oasis of reality’


William Royce

There are certain areas of the world where complications are such that breakthroughs are short lived, and one expects constant turmoil as all sides continue in their struggle to retain what they believe is rightfully theirs. In such circumstances it is hard to perceive how lasting peace can be structured. Religions may be the dominant factor, and of course as each are entitled to their own beliefs held for centuries, an uneasy stalemate is often the best that can be hoped for. Inherent distrust of an adversary leaves no real bargaining potential, as every concession is given with trepidation.

The more times a trust is broken, the less times it will be offered. In such a case only a mindset that can be adopted by all concerned, that is the whole populations, can possibly work. It is for those who have battled and perhaps lived in fear, to ask if they wish to live constantly with this burden, or release themselves and their foes from an everlasting negativity. A situation that becomes too complicated to solve can only start a fresh sheet, and look for the simple answer.


In a far off place the sun beats down

But no one sees the light

For in this holy land

Day may as well be night

Religion casts its shadow

Instead of helping those in pain

And those who seek an answer

Find their efforts are in vain

There is one truth in everything

That everyone should feel

It is the sense of right or wrong

That no one else should steal

And if we will not see this light

Because of our distrust

Then commandments that were cast in stone

Will slowly turn to dust.



There is a solution to every problem and intransigence will not find it. Wherever there is violence, the first action to take is to halt that violence, the next step is to adopt the strategy that anything that has been tried and seen to fail should be excluded, and all involved should stretch their minds beyond the political element, religious element, or whatever fundamental problem exists, and search beyond these things that have automatically prevented cohesion. The answer will lie in a simple truth, in fairness, understanding, and a true wish. Only when each side are so confident that the other has been enlightened by this simple truth, will they be prepared to create a new beginning. Peace must come from a wish and not from a force, therefore the more outside influence the less likely the result, unless the influences are peaceful, and are aimed equally at both sides. When we have a personal argument we do not expect others to solve it, it is up to those involved to question themselves, make their point, and then move on.

Mutual trust is the starting point for peace, the hand of friendship must offer more than determination, it must seal the mind from where all thoughts of war emerge.


William Royce

We find ourselves today in the very world of my initial vision, seemingly unable to find the answer to ever increasing violence and suffering, and yet there has to be a solution, in our over complicated world are we missing the simplest answer? My vision was clearly defined, it saw a constant stream of thought provoking messages travelling between nations via various media, sifting its way through the global population, easing tensions, creating dialogue and opening minds. There has to be a strategy, there has to be an answer, otherwise we will leave our children without hope, and surely without the wish to bring their offspring into such gloom. The answer I believe is in passion rather than politics, a collective passion to however slowly bring the people of the world together by building bridges to show our intention to meet those on the other side. The messages of goodwill should be seen as emanating from one whole population to another and not just from individual figureheads, who by the nature of their position, will have too many eager to dismiss what they say.

I believe that this is a media operation using all the many vehicles at our disposal today to do something that has no political gain, other than to be seen to be behind the greatest ever effort to bring all nations no matter colour, creed, or religion, a step closer. The world has become a simmering cauldron of discontent, if we act now and turn the heat down we can stop it boiling over. However slow the process, if the aim is clear and the focus kept, the result will come. Every conflict halted or prevented will be another step on the road to world peace, and another opportunity for those currently without hope to live out a worthy and fulfilling life.

We value so much that is worthless, whilst discarding that which is priceless. The abundance of life has lessened our perception of its value. In reappraising our worth to each other we will find the value of humanity itself.


William Royce

Yes we must have those elected to do their job of coordinating the wishes of the greater part of the population, but not to decide to antagonise against the wishes of that part. I believe that we simply do not understand that the greater part of all populations want peace whatever their nationality. That means that we have to find the best way for each of these sectors to reach each other and confer their message, which would undoubtedly be one of general goodwill to other nations. What we are suffering from is the inability to hear these messages from the ordinary inhabitants of countries around the globe.

With the backing of governments and major industry, individuals speaking for the masses and from the heart could purvey their messages in many different ways, speaking of the wish to pass on the overall feelings of their countries people to other nations. The knock on effect of seeing and hearing these goodwill messages passing between different nationalities and religions would be to create a calming of tensions and a greater understanding of the reality of war, and that is that only a minority are in favour.

Whilst we try to stop war with minorities talking to each other, in my view we will never solve the problem. Peace is never going to come to us, we have to go out and search for it, and we need to want it enough to do the searching. If other nations reach out in their search we will find each other in the mutual quest, and if we replace some of the politics with passion and enter their hearts with our hearts instead of our weapons, then we may see the word PEACE stand for

Passion Ending All Conflicts Evermore

Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, but we must not let the intangible affect the tangible by letting some suffer in this world for beliefs others hold about their next world. Let us realise that for the time being at least we are all living in the same world and should respect each other, we may have our own destiny mapped out but let us give others the chance to realise theirs.

Take care to heed your fellow man

And not take from him all you can

For in the end he will recover

All you took with greed and power


William Royce

We must start to use words that make a difference, words capable of resonating between nations, words that are gentle on the ear but mighty in the mind, words that create a vision of a new world, words that do not shrink from the truth but offer a solution for the future. Words may be just a way of communicating or they may be used for much more. The gift of speech is our most powerful weapon, for we may take what is written and convey it with feeling. The armies of the world may not defeat the one individual whose voice has been heard, if the words that are spoken have integrity and inspiration.


Upon the wind there came a voice
And the sound of peace was heard
And as it passed by more and more
The louder came the word

The time was now at hand
When we would hear this call
An echo from each nation
Peace for one and all

Recognition of our failure
To learn lessons we'd been taught
Understanding now the message
Histories pain and grief had brought

And so there turned a tide
Where each person was at one
Had world peace we thought a distant dream
Really just begun ?


William Royce

It is some peoples opinion that we are living in the twilight years of a planet that is  becoming exhausted with the demands of humanity, not just because of the increased population requirements, but because of the excess driven by greed and power on a scale never before witnessed. The cost of feeding this excess is being felt by the environment, and the lack of a decent environment is feeding the unrest. It is a viscous circle that unless broken will break us, and return our world to its origins and the original paradise that mankind took over and spoiled. What will anyone gain if they hold the world, but the world does not want them? How much does any one person need, is there not as much pleasure gained from helping others as helping oneself?

There are things within our control and other things outside our control. If we seek to grasp what we have control over to maximise its potential for all, then we stand a much better chance of using that combined power against the forces of nature that would threaten us from time to time at the best of times, but now threaten our very existence. Our wealth is still being pumped into the machinery of violence so we can wage war on ourselves, how short sighted can we be when we live constantly with a threat from nature that will do all the killing for us?  Let us wake up now from this bad dream, determine to work alongside other human beings without prejudice and without fear. Let us for the first time in our lives have the positive feeling that we, our generation, are going to be the catalyst for reversing the slide into oblivion. Every one of us has a part to play if we are to halt the decline and destruction of the only world we have, it is a mighty challenge, but as it is THE challenge, we must be successful.


Peace is in my body

Peace is in my soul

It moves through every muscle

Its virtue to extol

Peace is all around me

Peace is in the air

It is Peace that moves me forward

It is Peace I have to share

Peace will one day come to all

Peace will have its hour

It is a friend to everyone

It is the greatest power.


William Royce

Can we really imagine a world free from violence, or are we just too conditioned to think that something we have lived with all our lives could actually change? When we look around us depending on where we live, we may see what appears to be contentment, but we can be sure that someone somewhere is paying the price for that contentment. For every smile there is a tear, but those tears may be beyond our consciousness and so do not deprive us of the benefits we are experiencing in our world. We may shun images that distress us because we have the choice, we can turn away from the pain that others are enduring by the flick of a switch or press of a button, we can continue to live in our own worlds, or we can unite in one world, the one that was given to us all to share and enjoy equally.

It is this notion that some have the right to take without returning anything, to destroy but not to build, to consume but not to feed, to spend but not to save, the legacy that those not yet with us will need in their own fight for existence. We have been left enough incredible monuments from past civilizations to know how much they revered the world in which they lived, they too strove to expand their influence and power because they had little knowledge of what lay beyond their territory, and further expansion meant less potential problems from outlying areas, but we know every inch of this planet now and who occupies it, so our expansionist plans are mainly formed by power for powers sake. We may seek a new environment that can sustain life beyond this world, but for the foreseeable future this is what we have and this is what we have to preserve.


One world is all I dream of

One world where all are free

To shake the hand of everyone

Whatever faith they be

One world in which the powerful

Help the poor who cannot speak

One world in which the strong

Will feel a passion for the weak

One world the like we’ve never seen

Where no one is at war

One world that gives us back the thing

That we all came here for.


William Royce

In closing I would like to add that the thoughts outlined in this document are from a personal vision with no political or religious bias, its goal only to be thought provoking and perhaps help in some way to add something positive to our world. It also seeks to demonstrate how inspirational messages might be adopted as an untried potential in the search to create more goodwill and understanding. It has been a long and enlightening journey taking an impossible dream to a possible conclusion, for whatever the end result, I could not have tried any harder to see this dream become a reality and hold on to a vision that was so real as to be life changing.

I hope you will be able to share it with me –

William Royce

No part of this publication maybe reproduced, stored in a retrieval system,

IT transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying,

recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the author

William Royce

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William Royce



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